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21 PERFECT Alphabet Activities For Preschoolers

You can teach the alphabet to a preschooler and have fun?




But, you have to plan alphabet activities that will keep their interest plus provide them with a chance to learn.


Learning the alphabet is important in early education because being able to recognize letters will help preschoolers learn phonetics so they can put letter sounds together to read.


But, one thing at a time, right?


Let’s start with my 21 PROVEN Alphabet Activities For Preschoolers! These ideas will provide you with many engaging lessons that both you and your kids will enjoy doing together!

Activity #1: Alphabet Kinetic Sand Search


Your kids are going to crazy over the Kinetic Sand Letter Search!  I was ready to clean it up, but my kids insisted on playing over and over again.

Kinetic Sand Letter Search


To set this activity up, place the kinetic sand in a bin, and bury the toy letters inside the sand. Have your child search for letters and have them match what they found to the worksheet!




Kinetic Sand Set with toys sensory toy for kids

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How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. For younger kids, allow them to search for the letters in the sand. Once they find a letter, identify the letter for them if they are unsure and show them where it’s the match is on the letter search worksheet.


2. Challenge your older children to find specific letters at a time. When they see it, have them find the match on the worksheet and have them make the phonetic sound it makes.


Activity #2: Letter Collages


Get crafty by making fun and easy letter collages with your kids!


letter collage example


TIP: We do letter collages about once a month. I don’t like to overdo any of these activities because the kids would get bored. I want to keep them engaged in learning!


You can make these by using one type of supply like buttons for the letter B, feathers for F, or pennies for P. You can also find objects around the house that start with the letter that you are focusing on.


For example, if you are working on the letter D, you could use small toy dinosaurs, dolls, dolphins, or ducks.


How you can help your child learn with this activity:


1. Talk about the letter of the day with your child if they don’t know it. Have them use one finger to trace the letter.


2. With younger kids, talk about the manipulative that you are using to represent the letter. Explain to them that the letter sound it makes begins with that letter of the alphabet!


3. Work with your children to glue on the supplies if needed!


4. Challenge your older kids to find objects that begin with the letter you are working on! If that’s too tough, you can always have options for them to choose from, and they have to decipher which ones would go along with the letter.


Activity #3: Do-A-Dot Painters


Who doesn’t love paint that doesn’t cause a mess?


Do-A-Dot Painters are so much fun, and the clean-up is so much easier than traditional painting.


do a dot letter recognition activity


All you need to do this activity is Do-A-Dot Painters and the Upper Case Letter Search Worksheet from Fun Early Learning.


How to help your kids learn with this activity:


1.  For early learners, identify the letter to them. Have them try to look around the worksheet to see if they can see at least one or two matches to the letter you are working on. If they are struggling to use the Do-A-Dot painter on their own, try to help them by having them hold your hand while you both do it!


2. Older children should try to do this activity on their own. Ask them what letter it is that you are focusing on and have them try to use the Do-A-Dot painters on their own to see how many they can match correctly.

Do-A-Dot Painters For Kids Art

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Activity #4: Egg Matching Game


Looking for the low-prep activity that your kids will love?


Plastic eggs are so much fun for kids to play with, and they make for a great learning activity!


Write the letters on the eggs, and you have an instant alphabet activity!


When I do this activity, I prefer to use Sharpie markers because the letters won’t fade when the kids touch the eggs. Yes, this stains the eggs, but if you use a dry-erase marker, the activity won’t work as well, and I’m sure your kids won’t mind if letters are on their Easter eggs.


plastic eggs

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How to help your child learn from this activity:


1. If you have a younger child, work with them by asking them to identify the upper case letter and show them the lower case matching letter and connect the two! For beginners, keep the egg color the same for both upper and lower case letters.


2. To challenge older kids, make different color upper and lower case letters, so the kids have to sort through the eggs to find the match.


3. For those kids who are starting to read, add in some sight word practice to this activity!


Activity #5: Giant Alphabet Memory


Talk about a fun learning game!


My daughter had an absolute blast playing alphabet memory.


giant letter memory game for kids learning


All you need are a whole bunch of paper plates to pull off this SIMPLE and exciting activity! You can make this game as big or small as you want, depending on what your child knows. Make sure you have a match for each of the letters that you write down :).


How to help your child learn from this activity:


1. Create a game that is small for starters, try 4-5 letters for the youngest learners, so they understand how the game even works.


2. Older children can have a larger game set up, and to add some more learning into the mix, have the kids WRITE the letters on the plates.


3. For kids who are working on reading and spelling skills, once the game is complete, have them try to spell a word from letter plates you gave them.


Activity #6: Alphabet Pasta


Pasta is my FAVORITE food, so whenever I can incorporate it into learning, I will.


alphabet letter search pasta kids activity


How cute are these pasta noodles? Even though my kids aren’t as into pasta as I am, they REALLY enjoyed this activity.


Let’s go through how we can make this activity awesome for toddlers, preschoolers, and early education grades.


How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE Alphabet Pasta Letter Search


2. Youngest learners can sift through a bin of a few letters that you provide them to see if they can match some letters to the letter search worksheet.

*If they are doing well, keep adding more pasta letters in the bin to see if they can do more!*


3. Children who know the alphabet can try to do the entire bin of all letters to see how many letters they can match!


4. Want to challenge your older kids? Have them create words with the letters they find instead of just matching the alphabet letters!


alphabet pasta

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Activity #7: Car Letter Recognition


Hot Wheels cars are the hottest toy around our house at the moment.


My toddler is working on spelling his name, and since he’s so into Hot Wheels, this activity was a perfect way to include some learning into play.


Hot wheel car letter recognition activity


We have a Thomas the Train garage, which worked perfectly with this activity, so I just taped the letters of his name on the garage and taped letters on his cars, so he had to match them up in the garage.


But, most of the time, things don’t happen so perfectly. In that case, here is a DIY version of this activity.


hot wheels toy car name recognition activity


To create this, cut a cardboard box, so the bottom and the sides are the only things left. Create the letters of your child’s name on the box and make a pretend raceway on the box! Ask them to match up the letters of the name by parking their car in the right spot!


How to help your child learn from this activity:


1. Make sure your child can recognize all the letters of their name before attempting this activity.


2. For younger kids, show them how to match up the letters first before asking them to do it on their own unless they can.


3. Older children can work on matching the letters of their first name and start to work on the spelling of their last name. This is a skill that is important for kindergarten readiness!


hot wheels car toys for kids

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Activity #8: Play-Doh Alphabet Cut-Outs


I love incorporating Play-Doh into learning! It’s an excellent sensory activity, and it keeps kids engaged.


play-doh letter cut out toys


How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. If your child is first learning the letters of the alphabet, start with using 1-2 letter cut-outs. Say the name of the letter and let your child touch and feel it! Hands-on learning is the best. When you teach something new to your kids, start slow 1-2 new letters each time you do a learning lesson is perfect.


2. For kids that do know some letters, ask them to tell you the letters they know, and have them use the cut-outs to create the letters. Introduce 1-2 new letters if they are still working on learning!


3. Older children can work on playing with the cut-outs, saying the sound of each letter, and building their own small sight words!

Alphabet play doh cutters for kids alphabet learning

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Activity #9: Build A Letter


Wait, another Play-Doh activity?




Play-Doh letter building works on fine motor skills, pre-handwriting skills, and alphabet recognition.


Letter H Pre Writing Play Dough Activity

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By using these FREE Play-Doh letter building mats, your kids will get hands-on experience by building each letter.


How to help your child learn from this activity:


1. Work with your child to show them how to roll pieces of Play-Hoh to make a “snake.” This will be how your child creates each of the letters!


2. Explain what letter you are working on for the day, say that sound the letter makes, and state a few objects that start with the letter. For example, for the letter H, you could say hat, hand, and heart.


3. Want something a little bit more challenging for your older ones? Have them build words with these FREE sight word building mats!


Play Doh Sight Word Pre Writing Activity


Activity #10: Swat the Letter


Swat the Letter is a MUST TRY activity! Your kids will have a ball using a fly swatter to find specific alphabet letters.


Swat the letter game


To set up this game, place letters on the ground, on the wall, or both and have a fly swatter handy!


How to help your child learn from this activity:


1. To do this activity, you need alphabet letters from a puzzle, magnetic letters, or even write letters on a post-it note for them!


2. For younger kids, set out only a few letters of the alphabet. If they don’t know some of the letters, let them have fun with the swatter and identify the letters they want to hit.


3. To make this activity challenging for older learners, print out the cards, and either ask them to identify the letters they swat or ask them to find specific letters and hit those.


4. Want to work on reading while doing this activity? Create a word for your kids to sound out. Have them swat each letter saying what that letter sounds like to have them sound out 2-3 letter words like cat, dog, car, run, fun, etc.


Activity #11: Construction Sensory Bin


This is my son’s FAVORITE activity because he gets to use his construction vehicles and play around with rocks and kinetic sand!


construction alphabet find activity


To set up this sensory bin, you need construction vehicles, rocks, kinetic sand, and a container to place it all in! 


construction play alphabet activity

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Your kids won’t need any help diving into this activity, no matter what age they are!


How to help your child learn from this activity:


1. Make letters on each rock that you have and talk to your child about what letter it is if they need help.


2. Kids of all ages can use their hands to pick up the letter rocks and place them on the construction vehicles or they can use a small shovel if you have one!


3. Ask them to find letters or they can tell you what each letter is that they pick up!


4. You can bury the rocks in the sand to challenge older ones to try to find specific letters.


5. The main idea for this activity is to have fun! Sensory play is exciting for kids, and adding some letter learning into this activity is a bonus.  


Activity #12: Magnet Block Play


One of the best purchases I have made for the kids has been these magnetic blocks.


They are a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toy that kids can be creative with and build different structures.


Activity A: Build a Letter


Work together with your child to create a specific letter with the magnetic blocks. To help the younger ones, provide an example of how the letter looks by just writing the letter on a piece of paper for them. Older children can be challenged to try to do this on their own.

magnetile create a letter activity


Activity B: Alphabetical Order


You can write directly on the blocks with a dry erase marker or place dot stickers on the blocks.  With the younger ones, write 3-4 letters on blocks on have them try to put them in sequential order. Older kids can work on the entire alphabet if you have enough blocks!


alphabetical order magnet tile

Activity C: Find the Missing Letter


You can set up this activity by writing the letters of the alphabet on the blocks with dot stickers. Place the blocks in alphabetical order and take out some of the blocks and place them on the side. Have your child attempt to put the missing letter to complete the order of the alphabet!


missing alphabet letters activity with magnet tiles


Magnet blocks are SO much fun, and they are a focus on creativity and engineering skills. I have these blocks, they work great plus they are a little cheaper than Magnetiles.


magnet blocks for children learning

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#13: Post-It Play


Learning with post-it’s is an easy way to teach and review the ABC’s with your kids.


post-it alphabet activity


How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. Write 1 letter per post-it note! Younger kids should just be given 3 options to see if they find the letters, add more once they start understanding how to do the activity.


2. Spread out the post-it notes around one surface of the house. We have a larger island, so I put all the post-its on there.


3. You can place them in alphabetical order if you are teaching the alphabet to them, or you can mix them up for gameplay! 


4. Ask your child to find a specific letter or once they can tell you which letter they are pointing at or pulling off!


Activity #14: Painter’s Tape Letters


I love whole body learning activities because the kids are always intrigued by the lesson because it looks exciting to them.


Painter’s tape works great for both play and learning activities because it doesn’t cause damage to surfaces, plus it’s easy to clean up!


painters tape for kids learning activities

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How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. Get some painter’s tape and create several letters (upper or lower case) on the ground.


2. Spread out the letters on the ground, so they aren’t right next to each other.


3. Ask your child to perform a specific locomotor movement to get to each letter.


Check out this video to see how we have played this.

Activity #15: Letter Matching Tubes


Not every learning activity that we do with our kids has to be fancy and expensive.


matching letter tubes


You need a few toilet paper rolls (save some up and keep them in a drawer) and dot stickers to do this activity.


How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. Write upper or lower case letters all over the toilet paper rolls.


2. For younger children, do this as a matching activity where you write the same letters on the stickers that you have the toilet paper roll and have them find its match by placing the label in the correct spot on the roll.


3. You can challenge older children by writing one type of letter on the roll and the opposite on the sticker, so they have to match upper with lower case.


Activity #16: Salt Tray Writing


Sensory handwriting trays are AWESOME!


Even if your child can’t write yet, you can write the letters on the tray for them, and they can try to copy it!


Sugar Tray Pre Writing Activity

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How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. You need a cookie sheet or art tray and cookie sprinkles or salt. The link to the art tray I used it above by the pictures! I use this tray daily; it’s worth it.


2. Pour a generous amount of sprinkles on the tray. You’d be able to tell if you added enough on. You can always test it out to see if you need to add more!


3. Depending on your child’s writing ability, you can add a paper underneath the salt/sugar, so when they begin to make the letter, they can look for lines to trace it correctly.


4. For the older kids who are writing, remember your child’s writing won’t be perfect because they are using their fingers and not a pencil, so make sure to encourage them to try their hardest and, most of all, have fun!


5. If you are writing the letters for your children, ask them what letter you wrote and then guide their fingers along with the letter so they can feel what it would be like to create the letter on their own. 


Activity #17: Feed the Animal


Okay, so most everyone is going to think this idea sounds so silly, but it worked!



My son’s favorite toy right now is dinosaurs. To get him interested and keep in engaged with the learning for the day, I wanted to come up with something FUN for him.


I can’t write a how-to on how to help your child learn with this activity because it’s going to be different for everyone. 


Every child has their favorite toys that they like to play with! Try incorporating some learning by playing!


My recommendation for this activity, though, is to have letters that they can manipulate during the play (alphabet puzzle pieces, magnetic letters, blocks).


If you need some inspiration for this specific activity, feel free to reach out to me, and I’ll help you come up with something that will work for you!


Activity #18: Secret Letters


What kid doesn’t love surprises?


Secret Letters is sure to be a hit with your kids because they get to reveal the letters you wrote on a piece of paper by using watercolors!


secret letters alphabet activity for kids


How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. You need a set of watercolors, white paper, a white crayon, and a cup of water!


2. Write down a few letters of the alphabet on a piece of white paper with the white crayon. I’d write the letters boldly, so they show up nice for your kids!


3. You can write the alphabet letters in order for younger kids, or you can mix them all up for older ones!


4. Give the kids the watercolors and have them start to paint over the letters and see if they can identify what the letters are! They can switch colors or keep the same color; it’s up to them.


Activity #19: Geoboards Letter Connecting


Does anyone remember using Geoboards in elementary school growing up?


I do! I enjoyed creating all different sorts of things on these boards! Geoboards are great because you can use it for fun and learning purposes!


geoboard letters

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How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. Toddlers will have a tough time using rubber bands to create the letters. When I was working with my 2-year-old, I made the letters and just asked him what letter it was.


2. When working with preschoolers, show them how to stretch the rubber bands to create lines, ask them to make specific letters with the bands.


3. Some of the rubber bands stretch further than others, tell them they may have to experiment with different bands to create the letter correctly.


4. In the pack listed below, there are 6 geoboards with A TON of rubber bands. Have older children create words with the boards, check out the example below.


sight word geoboard activity


Activity #20: DIY Alphabet Connect the Dots


The best part of this activity to the kids was the GIANT piece of paper that we used on the wall!


giant connect the letter activity

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How to help your kids learn with this activity:


1. On a large piece of butcher paper, write letters of the alphabet all over the paper, making sure each letter has a match.


2. You can either write upper case, lower case, or both so kids can work on matching any of those different categories!


3. Have the kids make a line to match up the letters with a marker. If your child is too young to be able to create a line between the two letters, have them point to the letters they think that match, and you can draw the line.


Activity #21: Don’t Break the Ice


My newest thing that I am into is making learning activities with board games!




The kids have a blast being able to play the game while there is an element of learning involved!


View Amazons Price


How to help your child learn with this activity:


1. To do this activity, you need the board game and some dot stickers.


2. Write upper or lower case letters on the dot stickers and put them on the ice blocks.


3. Ask your child to tap on a specific letter LIGHTLY with the hammer provided from the game. If they don’t just lightly touch the ice, it will knock the other ice cubes down. Take a look at the video below to see more!


4. Once they tap all the letters, let them go to town and fun, hitting all the letters with the hammer!


Final Thoughts and Conclusions


Hands down learning the alphabet is the most essential skill for a preschooler to learn.


Being able to identify letters will lead to other amazing skills like learning letter sounds, beginning to sound out small words, and learning how to read.


Your child is not going to be interested in just looking at letters on a piece of paper each time you want to work on letter recognition with them. You need to have engaging activities that will excite them to WANT to learn.


I hope that you got some good ideas from this article! If you have any games or activities that you have done that focus on learning the alphabet, please share them with our community by commenting below!

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