40 Christmas Activities For Kids

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas activities to get your kids excited for the holidays?


It’s honestly the best time of the year. I know that’s a classic saying, but there’s just something magical in the air during the holiday season.


Planning fun activities for your little ones to do will make it even more wonderful! In this article, you will find 40 craft, learning, games, and sensory activities that are perfect for the holiday season.


My favorite is actually the last activity, #40. It’s a keepsake, and it’s a fun way to spread Christmas cheer to friends and family!


Let’s get started with the magic!


Activity #1: Dot Sticker Counting


I’m going to start this article off with a SIMPLE and fun learning activity for preschoolers!


Dot stickers are one of my must-haves. They are so versatile and can be used for so many activities!

christmas ornament counting


In this case, I am using them to be ornaments! This is a perfect way to add some counting practice in.


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


dot stickers

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Create tree shapes on card stock paper and cut them out! Then, place a certain amount of dot stickers on each tree! The clothespins that I got were from Target. They came with numbers on them. If you don’t have these, you can create them using number stickers or just write numbers on the pins.


3. Activity: Have your little ones count the ornaments and clip on the correct number clothespin on the bottom of each tree to make a trunk for the tree!


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Activity #2: Peppermint Mocha Sensory Bin


I have a slight obsession with Starbucks and their holiday drinks. But, even if you don’t share this same obsession, this sensory bin is still AMAZING.


There is mashed up chocolate cake inside this bin! It’s the best sensory bin you’ll ever make, I promise you that!

peppermint mocha sensory bin


This is also a toddler safe sensory bin since it’s all edible! I love these types of bins because they can work for most age groups.


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:



ikea storage container

View Amazons Price


2. Set-up: Make the chocolate cake by following the directions on the box. Let it cool, then start mashing it up using the spoon. Once it looks good, dump it into the sensory bin! In the mini red cups, add in some whipped cream and crushed up candy canes. I placed unwrapped candy canes in a ziplock bag, crushed them, and then dumped them on top of the whipped cream.


3. Activity: The kids can make their own kid-friendly peppermint mochas by adding cake, whipped cream, and marshmallows!


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Activity #3: Ornament Counting Mats


One of my newest supplies that are on my must-have list is foam shapes. I’ve been loving how you can do several different learn and play activities with them!


I’ve done puzzles, done active learning activities, and much more with these shapes! I am going to share a counting activity we did recently.


ornament counting mats


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


foam Christmas shapes

View Amazons Price


2. Set-up: Write the numbers that you want to work on with your child on the shape. I focused on numbers 10-20 with my 3 year old!


3. Activity: Your child should identify the number first. Then, have them count out that specific number of items and place them on the shape.


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Activity #4: Sticky Christmas Tree


Anyone else struggle with your little ones trying to take over their Christmas tree by taking off ornaments and placing them wherever they want? I hope I’m not the only one!


This is a way that your child can have their own tree!


sticky tree


Sticky wall activities are always a major hit. The kids are always amazed that they can just stick the items to the wall, and they stay!


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:

colored tape

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Draw a Christmas tree shape on contact paper, peel off the backing, and tape it up with the sticky side facing you! Create Christmas lights by using colored card stock paper. Write the letters of your child’s name on them. Have them work on putting the letters of their name in order on the tree!


3. Activity: Let them decorate the tree by placing bows, confetti, stickers, or any other Christmas themed object you want to try to stick to the wall!


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Activity #5: Tactile Christmas Boards


Tactile boards have become a staple activity that I do with my kids for the holidays!


It’s so fun to come up with the ideas to put on these boards. Tactile learners learn best by having hands-on learning experiences.


DIY tactile boards


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:



View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Cut your piece of cardboard into squares. Then, with a Sharpie, write a few numbers at the bottom.


3. Activity: Have your child count the number of objects on each board, then use the clothespin to show the correct number! Using the clothespins is great for fine motor skills.


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Activity #6: Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough


Are Christmas cookies a big thing around your house during the holidays? They sure are over here!


We end up making several batches throughout the season. Why? Well, because Christmas calories don’t count, right?


christmas cookie cloud dough


This activity isn’t really about eating, though, unfortunately. It can be eaten, but I will say it’s not very tasty! However, it is a blast to play with!


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:

cookie cutters

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2. Set-up: In a large mixing bowl, add two cups of flour and 1/4 cup vegetable oil. Then, you can add in 1 tablespoon of vanilla to make it smell good! I also put some Christmas cookie sprinkles to make it seem like they were making Christmas cookies! Once all the ingredients are mixed, dump into a sensory bin.


3. Activity: Add in the cookie cutters and cups for the kids to play along with! They can pretend like they are making cookie shapes with the cutters!


Activity #7: Christmas Learning Activity Book

I really enjoy making these activity books for the seasons and holidays. It gets the kids excited about the holiday, and also it is JAM PACKED with learning.


In this activity book, your little ones can work on the following skills: alphabet matching, colors, shapes, patterns, beginning sounds, counting, numbers, feelings, and they can even build their own gingerbread house!


Check out what is in the entire activity book by checking out this video!


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:



View Amazons Price


2. Set-up: This does take some set-up but believe me, it’s well worth it! Laminate only the sheets that need it (these are the pieces). The other main sheets can go in sheet protectors inside the binder. Cut out the pieces once laminated. If it’s an activity that would need velcro circles, you can add those on there and on the binder so they will stick together.


3. Activity: Your little one can complete the activities over and over again! This is a great way to practice new skills as well as work on recognition!


I just bought this laminator for my house! I love having my own laminator because I can laminate all the activity sheets that I want to do repeatedly. It saves so much on ink and paper.


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Activity #8: Christmas Tree Counting Mats


I like to make my teaching resources engaging for children! I am not a huge fan of just putting pencil to paper to complete worksheets. I strive to make my resources hands-on for kids because that’s how they learn best!


This activity is a FREE tree counting printable that works on building numbers 1-20.


christmas counting mats


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


play doh

View Amazon's Price


CLICK HERE for your FREE Christmas Counting Mats


2. Print off the number worksheets that you want to work on with your little ones! Then, get all your objects ready for them to count with.


3. They should identify the number at the top in the ornament. Then, with the objects you chose, they should count that amount out and place them on the tree! Repeat this process for each number!


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Activity #9: Stick Christmas Crafts

Popsicle stick crafts are one of my favorite crafts to do with the kids for the holidays! They get so excited to play with them after they are all done too!


What I love about these Christmas themed ones, too, are that you can make them into ornaments by adding some twine to them!

popsicle stick crafts


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:



acrylic paint

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2. Set-up: If you have colored popsicle sticks, you can use those; if you don’t, you’ll have to prep the popsicle sticks by painting them! Look below for directions for each one.


3. Directions for each craft


a. Santa stick– Paint half the stick and the very top red. Then, paint a little white stripe on the hat. Make a black stripe in the middle of the bottom of the stick to be Santa’s buckle. Hot glue a white pom at the top of the hat and a yellow pom in the black stripe’s middle. Glue on some eyes, a red pom, and glue half of a cotton ball on as a beard!


b. Snowflake– Paint 4 sticks blue and hot glue them together by creating a cross, then place the others diagonally on each other. Put some glue on the sticks and dump some glitter on, then shake off the access—lastly, hot glue white poms at the ends of each stick.


c. Tree– Grab 4 small popsicle sticks. Paint them green. Use one stick as the center then, you will cut the ends off the other ones. You will make them different lengths by having the longer ones at the bottom gradually getting smaller. Place a star sticker at the top and hot glue Christmas gems to be the ornaments.


d. Snowman– Paint the tops of 5 popsicle sticks black and the bottoms white. Paint another whole stick black to be at the top of the hat! Glue on googly eyes, use orange cardstock for a nose, and black cardstock circles for the mouth. Glue on a button and holly at the top of the hat!


e. Red truck– Paint 5 sticks red. Two sticks will go at the bottom, and 3 of them will be cut. Two will be glued on the sides, and one will go on the top. Cut the ends off of the sticks. Hot glue buttons on the bottom of the truck and glue on a mini tree on the back, so it’s sticking out like it’s in the truck. Lastly, glue a picture on so you can see it through the window!


Activity #10: Wrapping Shape Puzzle


Practicing shapes with Christmas wrapping paper is SO much fun! I had no idea my kids were going to be so into this activity.


Puzzles are a HUGE love of mine. They are on all my favorite toy lists for kids because, as I said earlier, kids learn best with hands-on learning activities!


wrapping paper puzzle



We ended up keeping this activity around for quite a while. They loved going back to it and trying it over and over again!


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


wrapping paper

View Amazon's Price


2. On wrapping paper, create a bunch of shapes that you want to work on with your kids. Cut those out and place them on easel paper! Easel paper works best here because you can fit more shapes on a larger sheet of paper.


3. Trace those shapes onto the easel paper, so they are the exact size of the shapes you created on the wrapping paper.


4. Have your children try to match up the correct shapes! Review what each shape is when they get to it. Also, you can talk about how many sides each shape has.


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Activity #11: Number Order Ornaments


Here are those foam shapes again! This is why I love them; I used them for one activity, then I was able to come up with another idea to use them again, so you don’t have to get rid of them.


The best thing about these foam ornaments is that they have a little hole at each one’s top.


order number ornaments


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


2. Write the numbers that you want to work on, on the shapes. For younger learners, I would stick to numbers 1-10. For older preschool-aged children, you can work on numbers 10-20!


3. Tape one end of the twine/string to your wall. Have your child start counting and placing each number they say on the twine, so it’s in number order. Once they are all done, tape the other side up so it’s hanging up on the wall! They will be so proud!


Activity #12: Sponge Patterns


Painting with sponges is TOO much fun. It’s been one of our favorite ways to paint lately. It’s fun experimenting with different ways to do art with the kids.


You can do this as just a fun art activity, or you can add some learning in by making it a sponge paint pattern activity.


christmas shape patterns


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:



View Amazon's Price


2. On a sponge, create some Christmas shapes. I chose to do a tree, candy cane, and a gift. Cut these shapes out using scissors!


3. Grab some washable paint and dip the sponge into the paint. On easel paper, start creating a pattern for your child to complete! Talk about what shape would come next and what color it would be.


Activity #13: Stocking Activity


Do anyone else’s children circle every single toy in the Christmas idea books that come out from the stores?!


There are SO many choices inside these books, and it’s so hard to actually determine what to get your little ones. The kids had a BLAST picking out their favorite gifts of the ones they circled.


stocking gift ideas

How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


kids scissors

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Click HERE to grab your FREE Christmas Images.


2. Print off my stocking Christmas shape on red or green cardstock paper (it holds up better).


3. Have your little ones circle the toys that they would want this year. Then, have them narrow down to their favorites and cut those out and paste them on the stocking!


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Activity #14: Christmas BINGO


Playing fun games during the holiday season is one of my favorite things to do with the kids.


Bingo is a great first game to introduce to kids because they learn how to follow the rules of a game, they learn vocabulary words, and you can even work on beginning sounds for children who are old enough!


Christmas BINGO


Plus, it’s just fun! Whether you are just sitting at home with your family during the holidays this year or you are getting together with family, this is one that everyone will enjoy!


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


white cardstock

View Amazon's Price



2. Set-up: Print off how many cards you need! I provide 10 different cards with the same objects in the set, just in different spots :). Cut out the playing cards.


3. Activity: Have one player pull the cards out of a bowl. They will say what’s on the card and show the card to all the players (this helps toddlers and preschoolers). They will place their game piece on the picture that is called. The object is to get 5 in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally! 


Once this happens, they will say BINGO! You can play until the entire card is filled or start back over.


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Activity #15: Christmas Tree Paper Cups


I have never done a craft using paper cups, but this definitely won’t be the last time that I do!


These cuties were so easy to make, and I had no idea how much the kids were going to love using them afterward for other play activities!


christmas counting cups


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


hot glue gun

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Plug in your hot glue gun and get it ready to use!


3. Activity: Hot glue several pom-poms on each cup to act as the tree’s ornaments! Put on a specific amount on each cup so the kids can use it to count. My youngest worked on counting just 1 cup. My older one counted all the poms on the cups!


After we were done counting, the kids used these cups as a fun game to hide toys under and move around to guess where the object was! These can also be used as decor!

I love it when activities like this can be used in several ways! 


Activity #16: Candy Cane Counting

Candy canes are a staple Christmas item, aren’t they?


I thought it would be fun to create a play and learn craft that worked on some gluing skills! My little guy just loves anything dealing with glue.


candy cane counting


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


easel paper

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Draw a bunch of candy canes on the easel paper! Cut strips of different colored construction paper to fit on the candy canes. By drawing, write a number next to it!


3. Activity: Your children will use the strips you cut out to paste onto each candy cane you drew. They should look at the number near the candy cane, so they know how many strips to put on each one!

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Activity #17: Sprinkle Writing Tray


Whenever sprinkles are involved in learning, it will be a winner; I can promise you that!


This is a way to work on handwriting that won’t be frustrating to your kids. There are no specific lines they have to be within; they can just try their best to create the letter or number.


handwriting tray

How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


Click HERE to grab your Christmas Letter Tracibles


art tray

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Print off the letters and numbers you want to work on with your little ones! Dump some sprinkles onto your tray


3. Activity: Have your child look at the letter or number in front of them. Have them use the paintbrush or their fingers to create the letter/number. Shake up the tray and repeat for each one you want to practice!


These printables can also work if you just want to work with a pencil as well! Just print them out and have them trace each letter/number! 


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Activity #18: Christmas 10 Frame


My daughter is in kindergarten, and I knew she would be working on different ways to write or see numbers.


But, what I didn’t realize is how much she would be working with 10 frames! I decided to create a fun Christmas themed 10 frame activity for both my kids to practice this skill since it’s something schools WANT students to know.


christmas 10 frames


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:

(these are just some examples, but any small Christmas themed manipulative will work!)


Click HERE to grab your FREE Christmas 10 Frames.


2. Set-up: Print off the 10 frames you want to work on! I have numbers 1-20 available!


3. Activity: Your child should use the manipulative that you chose to create the number, solve the addition or subtraction problem. They should place one item in each of the squares. Before beginning, have them say the number or math equation, so you know they understand it first!


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Activity #19: Candy Cane Painting

We just got our Kwik Stix paint sticks, and they are amazing! They dry so quickly! The kids got so excited for them because they always want to hang up their artwork, but they have to wait till it dries.


Kwik Stix dry in 90 seconds! So they were able to play with these candy canes they created and hang them up immediately! How awesome is that?!


candy cane painting

I love too that they are pretty much a mess-free way to do art! I don’t know about you, but  I always appreciate mess-free activities. 

How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


kwik Stix

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Print off how many candy cane shapes that you want!


3. Activity: Have the kids use the paint sticks to paint the candy canes! They can create fun, colorful candy canes, or you can even work on patterns! We did both, and the kids really enjoyed it.


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Activity #21: Christmas Tree Letter Matching

Here are my foam shapes, yet again! But, this time it’s Christmas trees!


Cutting these foam trees in half is a festive and fun way to work on alphabet matching! This is an important skill to work on because knowing both the upper and lower case letters is something your child needs to know before heading into kindergarten.


alphabet tree matching


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:

foam christmas trees

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Cut the trees in the middle. You can do straight lines, curvy, or zig-zag! Write the upper and lower case letters on each side of the tree. Mix up and set out for your child.


3. Activity: They should put the trees together so the upper and lower case letters match-up! The pieces should go together perfectly, so they will know if they are correct or not! They should identify each letter before beginning.


When I do activities like this, I give my 3-year-old one piece then give him three options to choose from. This narrows it down a little more for them and shows me he can identify the letter out of a group.


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Activity #22: Letter Building Mats


My kids love doing letter building activities! They know I bring out the Play-Doh typically for these sorts of activities, and that always gets them excited.



How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:

(You can use any one or all of the listed items for this activity!)


Click HERE to grab your Christmas Letter Building Mats. 


dry erase folders

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Print off the letters you want to work on with your child. Place them inside a folder so they can’ be used repeatedly. Grab the materials you want to use to build with.


3. Activity: Your little one should use the item(s) to create each letter! Have them identify the letter before beginning. If you decide to use gems/beads/M&M’s, you can extend the learning by asking how many it took to create each letter. 


This is a great pre-writing activity, as well. Learning how to make each letter is the first step to learning how to write!

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Activity #23: Alphabet Wrapping Paper Puzzle

So earlier in this article, you saw that I created a shape puzzle using wrapping paper! It was such a hit that I got an idea to use it for building letters.


An activity like this is fantastic because it hits so many learning skills. This one works on alphabet recognition, letter building, pre-writing, and STEM building skills.


alphabet wrapping activity


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


2. Set-up: Cut strips of wrapping paper. Then, create letters by tracing the strips on the easel paper! Letters that have straight lines will work best for this activity.


3. Activity: Your child should say the letter they are working on before starting! They will then grab a strip of wrapping paper and glue it into place on the easel paper! They will create each letter this way!


Activity #24: Handprint Wreath


I just love keepsake craft activities. We keep some of the kid’s crafts and artwork to remember some of the things they did each year.


This one is definitely a keeper! I will be using this as decor around my home as well. Their little handprints are just too cute.


handprint christmas wreath


This one isn’t really for the kids to do; it’s an activity for your family to do together! You will be doing most of the work for this one, but I promise it’s worth it!


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


paper plates

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Trace your child’s hand on cardstock paper. I have two kids, so I traced both of their hands! I made several copies of each one. Cut out the middle of a paper plate and paint the outside of it with green acrylic paint!


3. Activity: Use a hot glue gun to stick the hands onto the paper plate. Then, attach a piece of twine to the back of the plate by hot gluing it. Add on gems and a Christmas bow, and hang it up!


Activity #25: TP Roll Christmas Crafts


Toilet paper roll crafts are really fun, and they always turn out super cute.


The best thing about them too is that you ALWAYS have them on hand! So all you need is a few craft supplies, and you are set.


TP Roll Activities


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


craft TP rolls

View Amazon's Price




2. Set-up: Paint one TP roll green, one brown, and one white.


3. Directions for each TP roll:


a. Snowman– To create the face, glue googly eyes on, cut out a small orange triangle from cardstock for a nose, and draw in a smile with a Sharpie. Add on some buttons and wrap a pipe cleaner around its neck for a scarf. Lastly, hot glue a pipe cleaner to the top of the roll and two poms for ear warmers.


b. Reindeer– Glue on googly eyes and a red pom for the nose. Use brown pipe cleaners to create antlers and hot glue them on the inside of the roll. To create the antlers, cut one long stick and attach two small ones to the long one!


c. Tree– Hot glue craft lights (hobby lobby) or poms to the roll. If you grab lights, you can connect them by drawing strings to each. Place a mini bow on top!


Activity #26: Hot Chocolate Sensory Bin


I love creating sensory bins that the kids can eat! This one was a huge hit because we don’t typically buy sugary cereals.


So, when I broke out the Cocoa Puffs, they literally ran to see what I had planned for them.


hot cocoa sensory bin


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


mini red cups

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Dump some cereal into your sensory bin. Add in some mini marshmallows, cups, and spoons!


3. Activity: Let your little ones make their own “hot chocolate” by scooping the Cocoa Puffs into the cups! They can add in some marshmallows as well! They can also use the spoons to scoop out some whipped cream from the mini red cups and put it on top of the cup!


Don’t worry… I ate some too. Don’t feel bad :).


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Activity #27: Wreath Counting Math Activity

1:1 correspondence is an important skill to practice! My son and daughter work on this skill at school.


This is a fun way to practice 1:1 correspondence and decorate some Christmas wreaths.


wreath counting activity


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


2. Set-up: Glue the foam wreaths onto a piece of cardboard. Place the number of stickers at the top of each wreath.


3. Activity: Have your little one use the craft glue to attach the correct number of poms to each wreath. If your little one isn’t old enough to use the glue, you can do that part, and they can place the poms on.


Activity #28: Snow Letter Matching 


Combining sensory play and learning has to be one of my favorite things to plan!


There’s just something fun about getting your creative juices flowing to come up with new ideas for the kids to play with. Plus, I know that getting the kids engaged in learning is REALLY important. 



snow letter matching


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


Click HERE to grab your FREE Snow Letter Match printable


elmo on the go letters

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: In your sensory bin, dump a little bit of fake snow powder and add some water and you have fake snow! Place some letters inside the snow.


3. Activity: Have your little ones use tweezers or their hands to pick up the letters and match them up on the worksheet! Have them say what letter they pick up.


Activity #29: Make Yo’ Self a Christmas Tree

Your kids will love being turned into a Christmas tree!


Do this activity with family or friends! It is a cooperative activity, where kids have to work together to turn each other into a Christmas Tree!


Christmas Tree Activity For Kids

How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


2. Set-up: Get your materials ready!


3. Activity: Choose a partner and work together to turn each other into a Christmas tree! One person should do the wrapping first by wrapping as much streamer around their partner as they can. Place bows on them as well. Then, switch, so the other person gets a turn!


4. Want to turn this into a game for the older kids? See which partner group can create their trees the fastest and have a certain number of bows on their trees.


Activity #30: Dot Gobble


I am a really big fan of the minute to win it games! Especially this one. I change it up with each holiday, and it’s a fan favorite each time!


I always use whipped cream and seasonal candy! The kids are always chomping at the bit, literally, to get started!


Dot gobble whip cream eating game for kids


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:

dots for kids game

Check Amazons Price


2. Set-up: place a few Dots onto a paper plate and put some whipped cream on top.


3. Activity: Have your little ones attempt to eat the Dots without using their hands! They have to eat the Dots with just their mouths.


4. Want to add some in some competition for older ones? Place the same amount of Dots on each player’s plate. Add on the whipped cream and see who can get all the gumdrops out of the whipped cream first. Have the kids place the ones that they found on the side of their plate. As hard as it is, tell the kids not to eat them till the end; that’ll waste time :).


Activity #31: Grinch Ornaments


Creating DIY ornaments is such a fun craft to do with kids! Plus, it’s the Grinch, and kids LOVE that movie.


This is a simple ornament to create, and it works on some fine motor skills!


grinch ornaments for kids craft


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


christmas ornaments DIY for kids

View Amazons Price


2. Set-up: Paint a red heart on the ornament and let it dry- make sure to do this beforehand, so the kids don’t have to wait! Unless you have older ones who want to paint the heart.


3. Activity: Have your child use craft pom-poms to stuff the ornament to the top!


Grinch ornament christmas activity


Place it on your Christmas tree! You can even paint the year on the back of the ornament, so you know what year your kids made these!


Activity #32: Gingerbread Making Craft


Tray play activities are perfect for your little ones at home or with a larger group of children!


Every time I set up a tray play craft activity, the kids will create at least 3 or more of them! It’s so cute how they want to come up with different ideas each time.


gingerbread play tray


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:

art tray

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Create a tray or have separate bowls for different supplies. Make sure to have a way that the kids can put all the objects on with (glue or glitter glue).


3. Activity: Let the kids create their own gingerbread men! They can get as creative as they want by making fun designs and adding different items to their gingerbread men.


Activity #33: Cookie Decorating


Getting together with your family or friends during the holiday?


Having a cookie decorating station is a MUST if kids are involved in the party. Let’s face it, even if it’s an adult party, a cookie decorating activity will be a hit.


Christmas Cookie Decorating


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


2. Set-up:  Bake some sugar cookies, use Christmas cut-outs, or buy some fun themed cookies at the store.


3. Activity: Let the kids go to town! They should spread some icing down on the cookies before adding on the sprinkles. Adults may need to help them spread the icing.


In my experience, when I have done this activity, kids LOVE the sprinkles. I mean, they want them ALL over the entire cookie. Adults should help them with putting on the correct amount :).


Activity #34: Snowman Bowling


Think your kids may get restless during the party doing a bunch of crafts? Snowman knockdown is a perfect way to keep the kiddos who love to be active happy!


This is a great way to work on rolling and aiming skills as well. You can make it as easy or as challenging as you want, depending on how old your children are!


snowman bowling


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


fake snow balls

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2. Set-up: Create the snowman eyes and mouth using a Sharpie and cardstock paper for a nose! You can create 6 or 12!


3. Activity: Have your little one roll the fake snowball at the cups to try to knock them over! You can place a cone or some painter’s tape on the floor, so they know where to start from. They can start close and then back up if they need a challenge.


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Activity #35: I Spy Christmas Activity


I SPY Activities have been a favorite around here lately. The kids always get really into finding each of the items.


I created two activities for this since my kids have been LOVING them so much. The first one is a FREEBIE printable of mine.


Christmas I SPY

CLICK HERE to get the FREE Christmas I SPY


The second one is a sensory themed, fine motor, handwriting, and alphabet activity! WHAT! Yes, all those skills being worked on in one FUN activity.


I SPY Christmas Letters


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


Click HERE to grab your FREE Christmas I SPY Letters printable.


liquid water colors

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2. Set-up: You can color rice by putting a cup of rice in a ziplock bag. Add in a few drops of liquid watercolors and shake it up! Make sure to close the bag 🙂. Dump it out on parchment paper to dry, then dump it into a sensory bin!


3. Activity: The kids will stuff the ornaments with colored rice and gems! They will also include a few letter beads. They will shake it up and then find the letters! They will use my FREE Christmas Letter I SPY worksheet to practice handwriting skills of the letters they could find.


Activity #36: Paper Plate Santa


It’s honestly amazing what you can do with a simple paper plate. The number of activities is endless!


I love these kinds of supplies! It’s the best when you have all the supplies on hand!


paper plate santa


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


2. Set-up: Paint 3/4 of the paper plate with the beige acrylic paint. Then, paint the top and a little of the side with red acrylic paint for the hat. Cut two circles for the eyes with the cardstock paper!


3. Activity: Once the paint dries, paint on a red nose. Then, glue the eyes and the cotton balls on. Glue the cotton balls at the bottom of the hat and for a beard!


Activity #37: Create A Ugly Sweater!


Okay, this activity is so cute! Who doesn’t love a good ugly Christmas sweater?


This makes for a PERFECT tray play activity! There are so many options of what you can place inside the tray for this one!


ugly sweater tray play


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:



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Click HERE for your FREE Christmas Images


2. Set-up: Print off the printable and cut it out! Flip it upside down so you can use the side that doesn’t have the design on it! Set-up the play tray by placing the different supplies in each organizing section.


3. Activity: Let your little ones create their own ugly sweaters! They can make whatever designs they want on it and place the different supplies on it! They can work on patterns or just it look however they want!


Activity #39: Water Marble Color Sort


Water marbles are lots of fun, and they are a great sensory activity for both kids and adults! I’m not ashamed; I enjoy playing with them as well!


We grabbed these Christmas colored water marbles to play with and to practice color sorting skills.


water marble color sort


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


christmas water marbles

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2. Set-up: When you make water marbles, you have to let them sit in the water for a few hours. Place the desired amount in a bowl of water and let them grow to the max amount!


3. Activity: Place a few of each water marble color in the clear cups so your kiddo knows where they should place each colored marble. This is wonderful color sorting and fine motor skill practice! Add in some fine motor tools like tweezers to make this a little more challenging!


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Activity #40: Handprint Christmas Card


We haven’t given out Christmas cards in a few years. Instead, we give out these handprint cards to our close family members!


I like taking the time to create fun and memorable cards that could turn into keepsakes for family. It’s also really cool to see the difference in their hand size throughout the years!


This activity was inspired by The Best Ideas for Kids! Check out her page for more amazing ideas!


handprint cards


How to do this activity


1. Materials you need:


2. Set-up: Fold each piece of cardstock paper in half. Trace your child’s hand on each one and cut them out.


3. Directions for each card


a. Santa– Paint the middle of the card beige. Glue on googly eyes and a red pom for a nose! Break up a few cotton balls and glue them on 4 fingers. Create a red hat with red poms. Lastly, glue on a white pom at the end of the hat on the tip of the thumb.


b. Elf– Paint the bottom part of the hand beige as well as the thumb and pinky. Paint the other three fingers with green paint. Glue three white poms on the three green fingers. Then, break up a cotton ball and glue it to the base of the green! Add googly eyes, a red pom for a nose, and draw in a smile!


Final Thoughts and Conclusions


I hope you found some magical Christmas activities for you and your little ones to do together!


Crafting, playing games, and learning are WAY more fun when you involve the holidays! They will be so excited to do these activities and spend time with you while doing them.


I’d love to hear about some Christmas themed activities that you have done with kids. What activities or traditions do you do at home? Please share with our community!


Happy Holidays!

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