Christmas Tree Activity For Kids

11 FESTIVE Christmas Activities For Kids! (2021)

Are you planning a Christmas get-together with family or friends?


These holiday-themed activities are perfect for kids of all ages and can be used for a small or large group of children!


I teamed up with my best friend Brianna K to put together some Christmas stations for the kids during her holiday party. She has a lifestyle, parenting, and traveling blog that I can’t get enough of. Check out her site to learn more!


Now, let’s dive into these 11 Festive Christmas Activities for Kids!


Activity #1: Make Yo’ Self a Christmas Tree

Not only is this activity a blast for the kids, but it is a cooperative activity, where kids have to work together to create turn each other into a Christmas Tree!


Christmas Tree Activity For Kids

Supplies you need:


1. Streamer- I recommend getting a few streamer rolls so you can do this activity all at once. We had 15 children at this party, so I got 4 rolls of streamer, and that worked out well!


2. Christmas BowsMake sure to get the bows that you can peel back and stick on! This way, it’s easy for the kids to use.

How to do this activity:


1. Toddlers will need some help from adults. An adult can turn them into a Christmas Tree, or an older friend who is at the party could help as well!


2. Preschoolers can choose a partner for this activity and take turns turning each other into trees! They will take the streamer and wrap it around their partner’s body as many times as they can!


3. Then they will place as many bows as they want for ornaments or a pretend star at the top of the tree!


4. Want to turn this into a game for the older kids? See which partner group can create their trees the fastest and have a certain number of bows on their trees.


Make Yo Self A Tree Station



Activity #2: Dot Gobble


What could be better than shoving your face into whipped cream to find gumdrops?


Honestly, I can’t think of anything!


Dot gobble whip cream eating game for kids


Supplies you need:


1. Dots- You will need a few packs depending on how many kids you will have at the party. I put about 7 on each kid’s plate!


dots for kids game

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2. Paper Plates– I would have a bunch of paper plates handy. We used SO many at the party for other activities we did!


3. Whipped Cream– I got a few cans to be safe! You end up using more than you think for this activity.


How to do this activity:


1. For toddlers, place a few Dots onto a paper plate and put some whipped cream on top. They can either use their hands or not to dry to dig out the dots!


2. Preschoolers can have a little bit more of a challenge by not using their hands at all!


3. Want to add some in some competition for older ones? Place the same amount of Dots on each player’s plate. Add on the whipped cream and see who can get all the gumdrops out of the whipped cream first. Have the kids place the ones that they found on the side of their plate. As hard as it is, tell the kids not to eat them till the end, that’ll waste time :).


Activity #3: Grinch Ornaments


“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.” — The Grinch 


grinch ornaments for kids craft


I had to incorporate something from The Grinch; it’s one of my family’s favorite Christmas movies!


Making these Grinch ornaments is a fine motor activity that ALL ages can participate in.


Supplies you need:


1. Clear DIY Christmas ornaments– I got a pack of 20, and that was the perfect amount for our party.


christmas ornaments DIY for kids

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2. Red acrylic paint– This is to paint the heart on the ornament. You need a little bottle to do this! Again, we did this beforehand, so it was dry so the kids could put the pom-poms inside.


3. Green craft pom-poms– A got a few packs of these because the kids can stuff more than you think in those ornaments! Plus, if you have some leftovers, they are great to use for other craft projects with the kids.


How to do this activity:


1. Paint a red heart on the ornament and let it dry- make sure to do this beforehand, so the kids don’t have to wait! Unless you have older ones, who want to paint the heart.


2. Have your child use craft pom-poms to stuff the ornament to the top!


Grinch ornament christmas activity


3. Place it on your Christmas tree! You can even paint the year on the back of the ornament, so you know what year your kids made these!


Activity #4: Gingerbread Making Craft


You know an activity is excellent when you have kids coming up to you asking to make another one!


kids christmas gingerbread making activity


Kids ages 1-9 participated in this activity at our party, and I can honestly say that they all had so much fun being creative.

Supplies you need:


1. Plastic Tray– I’m kind of crazy when it comes to the organization with crafts, especially when quite a few kids are participating in the project. These plastic trays are great and can be used over and over again!


tray play gingerbread making activity


2. Googly eyesWho doesn’t love Googly eyes? They make any project better! My son is two and put them ALL over his gingerbread man.


3. Christmas buttons– The buttons worked as great accessories for the gingerbread men!


4. Red jingle bellsThe kids used the bells as buttons, eyes, a smile, or a nose. That’s why I love incorporating different objects because every child comes up with their own creative way of how they want to use them.


5. Glitter glueThis is essential! You have to have a way for everything to stick on the gingerbread man. You can use regular glue, but glitter glue is so much more colorful and festive!


6. Pipe cleaners- The pipe cleaners can be used as a scarf or for an outfit!


7. The Gingerbread Man– Obviously, the most important part! I got a bunch of felt cut-outs from Michaels. Click on the link to see what they look like!

How to do this activity:


1. Set up a tray or have separate bowls with for the different supplies for the kids to use.


2. Make sure to have a way that the kids can put all the objects on with (glue or glitter glue).


3. Set it all out and let the kids have fun! This is the best activity because there isn’t much direction to give other than be creative and enjoy making your gingerbread man!


Activity #5: Cookie Decorating Station


Would it even be a Christmas party if there weren’t any cookies?




Cookies are pretty much the most important part of having a Christmas party!


Christmas Cookie Decorating


Supplies you need:



1. Christmas cookies– Well, I probably didn’t need to tell you that, but just in case!


christmas cookie cutters

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2. Christmas themed sprinklesThe kids have the most fun putting on the sprinkles to the cookies. The adults were laughing because the kids were dumping the sprinkles on the plates and eating those instead of the cookies!


3. Icing– To make everything stick onto the cookie, you need some icing! Most of the time, I feel like my kids don’t even eat the cookies; they eat the candy and frosting and leave the cookie for me to eat.


4. Candy eyes– These are just a bunch of fun to add in on snowmen, gingerbread, Santa, or reindeer cookies!


5. M&M’s– Out of all the toppings available, the M&M’s were the fan-favorite. The kids had a blast putting these all over their cookies.


6. Christmas themed candy– I found some candy stockings and candy canes at Target in the Christmas aisle, these were a big hit with the kids.


How to do this activity:


1. Bake some sugar cookies and use Christmas cut-outs or buy some fun themed cookies at the store.


2. If you are having several kids over, make sure to have a few of everything, it makes it go faster for them, and there will be less arguing :).


Activity #6: Matching Shapes


I didn’t realize what a HUGE hit this simple activity was going to be. The kids spent so much time working on this activity together.


Christmas Shape Wrapping paper match game


Yes, I know adding in some learning into a party doesn’t sound fun, but I promise your kids will enjoy this so much!


Supplies you need:


1. Christmas wrapping– You will need wrapping paper to cut the shapes out of! I used a few different rolls of wrapping to make it more festive.


2. Manila paper– This paper is 9″ x 12″ so you can fit more shapes on the paper!


manila paper for kids projects

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How to do this activity:


1. Create different shapes on wrapping paper and trace them to a larger piece of paper.


2. Have the kids either work alone or together with other kids to figure out which shapes go where.


3. If adults are helping run this activity, have the adults tell the younger children what the shape is. For older kids, ask them to tell you what shape they are holding and ask them how many sides each shape has.


Activity #7: Snowman Bowling


Think your kids may get restless during the party doing a bunch of crafts? Santa Knock Down is a game that will get them up and moving!


Paper Towel Roll Bowling


Supplies you need:


1. Paper Towel Rolls– I would get a pack of paper towel rolls for this activity, at least you know they can be used used to clean up after the party too!


2. Construction paper– This is used to create a snowman on each paper towel roll.


construction paper

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3. Soft bowling ball– Since there will be a lot of people around, I would use a soft large foam ball so the kids can roll it easy, and it’s safe to use, especially if you are indoors!


How to do this activity:


1. Create your snowmen by cutting out black circles for the eyes and mouth! You can use any color construction paper for the hat, and orange for the triangle nose! In the picture, I show you an example of how they can look. Make 6-12 of these depending on how many kids you have coming to the party.


2. Tape all the construction paper cut-outs on the paper towel roll well, so when they get knocked over, the construction paper won’t come off.


3. Place a cone or a taped line at the spot where you want the kids to start rolling. If they miss once, let them try again, like real bowling, then let the next person go!


Activity #8: I Spy Christmas Activity


Need the kids to have some quiet time?


I found the I SPY worksheet from Paper Trail Design, they have a bunch of free I SPY activities, so you may want to check out the other ones as well.


Click here to grab your FREE I SPY activity!


Your kids will be hooked immediately and will be so concentrated on finding all the holiday-themed objects.


i spy worksheet for kids christmas parties


Supplies you need:


1. I SPY Worksheet– Print off a lot of copies to make sure everyone gets one!


2. Washable markers– I would stick to using washable markers, especially if you have little ones who are participating in this activity.


washable markers

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3. Cardstock or white paper- I used cardstock paper for this activity because it’s more durable plus I wanted to make it red for the holidays, but white paper can be used as well!


How to do this activity:


1. This one is pretty simple! All you need to do is print off the activity sheet and give it to the kiddos to do.


2. Younger children may need some help doing this activity, but older ones should be able to do it on their own. To make this more of a challenge for the older kids, see who can find all the items first. You can give the winner a candy cane as a prize!


3. Kids can color the entire pictures afterward for more fun!


Activity #9: Scrunched Paper Christmas Trees


Scrunching tissue paper is SIMPLE and FUN for all ages!


scrunched tissue paper trees kids activity


Supplies needed for this activity:


1. Green cardstock or construction paper- I always prefer to use cardstock when doing crafts with kids. It holds up better and if you are the type of parent that saves artwork (which I am), it’ll stay nice if you organize it nicely!


2. Tissue paper– Get a variety of colors so the trees look colorful!

tissue paper for kids crafts

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3. Glue– You’ll want a few bottles so the kids aren’t sitting around waiting for the glue! Remember to tell them, “A little dot does a lot!”


How to do this activity:


1. Pre-make the Christmas trees for the kids by using green construction paper or cardstock.


2. Cut small pieces of tissue paper up for the kids so they can scrunch the tissue paper up in a ball as tight as they can!


3. Have them glue the paper onto the tree and let them dry on a paper plate so they can take it home!


Activity #10: Create A Ugly Sweater!


Who doesn’t love a good ugly Christmas sweater?


ugly christmas sweater kids craft


Creating your own ugly sweater is entertaining for both the kids and adults!


Supplies needed for this activity:


These are suggestions! I’m sure there are many other craft items that could be used.


1. Tray– I’m obsessed with using these trays! It keeps everything in its place and it has 6 sections to place different craft items.


plastic tray for crafts for kids



2. Christmas buttons– Kids can create a fun pattern using the buttons!


3. Red jingle bellsThe best part about one of my ugly Christmas sweaters that I own is the bells on it!


4. Glitter glueYou need to have a way for everything to stick on the sweater. You can use regular glue, but glitter glue is so much more colorful and festive!


5. Pom-Poms– These are perfect to add onto an ugly sweater! I recommend using small ones because the larger ones may take up too much space.


6. Stickers– Kids love stickers. Stickers were used the most at our party when doing this activity.

ugly christmas sweater activity


How to do this activity:


1. Pre-make the sweaters for the kids to do their project with on cardstock or construction paper.


2. Have all your materials on a tray or in separate bowls so the kids can grab what they need easily.


3. Let the kids go to work and see who can make the ugliest sweater!


#11: Find the Missing Letter Activity


This worksheet is an excellent resource to use at home that’s exciting for kids because of all the Christmas pictures plus it works on phonics, spelling, handwriting, and reading!


Find the Missing Letter Worksheet


Supplies needed:




How to do this activity:


1. Print off the worksheet and grab something to write with!


2. Go through each picture, ask your child what the picture is, and discuss all the sounds each letter would make to create the word.


3. See if your child can figure it out on their own or work alongside them to sound out the letter that is missing.


4. Have them practice their handwriting skills by filling in the missing letters!


Final Thoughts and Conclusions


Look forward to more Christmas themed activities coming your way!


This was WAY too much fun for me to write. I like to personally try activities out before I post them for you, so that’s why my list is a little on the shorter side. By the time next year rolls around, I’ll have a bunch more for you to try with your kids.


I’d love to hear about some Christmas themed activities that you have done with kids at parties before! What activities worked for you? Please let our community know by commenting below.


Happy Holidays!

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