50 Fall Activities For Kids

Fall activities for kids are my JAM!


If you are looking for a wide variety of ideas to do with your kids this fall, you have come to the right place! In this article, you will find 50 fall-themed activities that will get your kids excited about the season.


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Included in this article are fall, Halloween, and party ideas for kids! I always love pulling in the seasons and the holidays in my activities for the kids. They always are engaged in the play and learning activities because they get excited about the holidays coming up!


There are also lots of FREEBIE worksheets inside this article, so make sure to go through the entire thing to check out all the printables available.


Let’s get started!


Category #1: Learning Activities


Creating fall learning activities will get your child excited for the season! They will also be more engaged when doing the learning activities if they are interested in what you have planned for them.


Below you will see play-based learning strategies as well as worksheet activities that will help your child learn and practice their skills.


Activity #1: Apple Pattern Stamping


Have you ever tried apple stamping before? I’ve always seen people’s pictures on the internet of it, but I never did it with my kids until now!


The kids get to learn about patterns, use a different method to paint, and use googly eyes! Yes, the googly eyes are the best part :).


apple stamping patterns

How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Apples, a knife, washable paint, glue, googly eyes, and easel paper.


easel paper

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2. Set-up: Cut the apples in half for the kids to use. Make sure it’s smooth, so the stamps turn out good on paper.


3. Activity: Start by creating a pattern on the paper. The kids should continue the pattern by dipping the apple in the paint. In the end, let the kids add googly eyes to each of the apples! They can glue them on, or if the paint is wet, they can stick them on the paint!


Activity #2: Color Sorting Trees


A snack and a fun fall learning activity? Sign me up!


This color sorting apple tree activity will be an instant hit with your kids because you will have Fruit Loops!


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Cardstock paper, construction paper, Fruit Loops, small bowls, and glue.


cardstock paper

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2. Set-up: Create treetops on cardstock paper and trunks using brown construction paper. You can glue the tops and bottoms together! While you are doing that, have the kids separate the Fruit Loops by color.


3. Activity: Have the kids sort the Fruit Loops by color on the trees. They should create dots of glue on the tree then place the Fruit Loops on each dot they made to look like apple trees!


Activity #3: Apple Learning Packet


Want a whole bunch of apple learning activities in one packet? Look no further!


Included in this packet are counting, alphabet, writing, simple math facts, parts of an apple, handwriting, sight word practice, and more!



How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My Apple Learning Packet, writing utensils, crayons, do-a-dot markers, scissors, and glue.



View Amazon's Price



2. Set-up: Print off my worksheets and gather the materials!


3. Activity: Work on as many activities that you want to at a time. When it comes to worksheets, I don’t want to do too many at a time. I would focus on one activity or skill at a time. Then, the next day, you can work on another skill.


Also, I have some fall-themed freebies you need to check out too!





Activity #4: Apple Math Tree


I have a Kindergartener who is working on beginning math facts; that’s what inspired me to do this activity!


Instead of always doing worksheet activities, I like to jazz it up a bit, so learning doesn’t get boring. 


apple math tree


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Cardstock paper, my FREE apple numbers, and my FREE apple equations.


2. Set-up: Create a tree by using green and brown cardstock paper (it’s way more durable than construction paper). In the green section of the tree, place a bunch of the apples with the equations on them. Lastly, cut out the apple numbers; these will be the solutions that will be placed on top of the equations.


3. Activity: Your children should read each equation. Then, they should figure out the answer and place the correct apple on top of each problem! Continue this until they are all finished!




Activity #5: Write the Room (Fall Edition)


Got a kiddo working on handwriting skills? Then you know, sometimes handwriting can be frustrating for kids.


That’s why I like to make it as enjoyable as I possibly can! Write the room activities get children excited because they get to search for objects!


fall write the room


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My FREE write the room fall-themed activity worksheets, a clipboard, markers, and a writing utensil.


FREE Fall Write the Room Download


clipboards for kids

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2. Set-up: Print off the objects and the lines for the kids to write on! Cut each sheet in half since there are 2 objects on one sheet. In each object, write letters, numbers, sight words, reading, or rhyming words! Place each sheet around your home. Get the writing sheets out and on a clipboard ready!


3. Activity: Your little one will search for each piece of paper around your home. When they find one, they will look for the number on it, then write the letter, number, or word that you wrote on it on the corresponding number on the lined sheets!


TIP: I like to have my daughter search for numbers 1-5 first, then I give her the next set of lined sheets so she doesn’t have to flip through tons of sheets to find the one she needs.




Activity #6: Letter Leaf Matching


Do your kids enjoy puzzles? This is the activity for you! It’s such a fun fall-themed learning activity and really simple to pull off.


Learning how to identify the matches between upper and lower case letters is a skill that I have been working on with my 3-year-old. This is a fun way to practice this skill.


letter matching leaves


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Foam leaves, a Sharpie, and scissors.


foam leaves

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2. Set-up: Cut each foam leaf in half. You can do a straight line, zig-zags, or curvy lines when you cut. Then, write an upper case and lower case letter on each half.


3. Activity: Mix up the leaves for your kids to search through and match up! Depending on how old your kids are, you can set a few in front of them to help narrow it down or you can give them all of them to see if they can figure it out!




Activity #7: Salt Crystal Leaves


Make your own crystals right at home without a kit!


Yes, you can do it, and your kids will be amazed with the outcome! It’s really fun to watch this experiment happen over a few days.


salt leaf crystals


How to do this activity:


1. Materials: Pipe cleaners, glass jars, salt, and clothespins.


glass jars

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2. Set-up: Create leaves with pipe cleaners as you see above. I used two pipe cleaners so I could make sure there was enough to hang on the clothespin!


In a medium-sized pan, boil 2 1/2 cups per jar that you have. When the water boils, shut it off. Then, add in 1 whole container of salt. Mix the salt until it dissolves as much as possible. You need SO much salt for this activity. Make sure you use a whole pack, or it won’t work.



3. Activity: Dump the liquid in the glass jar. Hang the pipe cleaner on the jar with a clothespin. Make sure the sides aren’t touching the jar as well as the bottom.



Let the pipe cleaners sit in the jars for at least 2 days. It also does better in a sunny window!  Reveal the outcome! It’s awesome!




Activity #8: DIY Tactile Boards


Recycle and play activities are really fun to do! I love using my creativity to jazz up a piece of cardboard or a TP roll.


I even have my family members save rolls and cardboard boxes for me so I always have an influx coming in for activities!


DIY tactile boards


These tactile boards are excellent for tactile learners. Tactile learners learn best by having hands-on experiences when learning.


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Cardboard, clothespins, Sharpie, pipe cleaners, fall confetti, fake or real leaves, mini erasers, and pom-poms.


fake leaves

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2. Set-up: Cut the cardboard into square pieces. Write numbers at the bottom of each board that you want your child to choose from. Put together how many of each object that you want to at the top of the board.


3. Activity: Your child will touch and count each of the objects on the board and then determine what number they need to move the clothespin to at the bottom of each board. This is an excellent fine motor activity!  If you don’t have a hands-on learner, have them use subitizing skills to figure out the answer instead!


*Subitizing is the ability to tell how many objects are in a group without needing to count them.*




Activity #9: Apple Letter+ Number Matching


Dot stickers are one of my go-to’s when it supplies to have on hand!


This activity is simple to pull off for even the busiest parents out there. Believe me, I see you, and I know how you feel! Trying to juggle a job, teach your kids, and keep the house looking somewhat put together is near impossible.


So, it’s nice when there are activities that don’t need a ton of set-up.



How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My FREE apple matching printables and dot stickers or do-a-dot markers.


dot stickers

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I am a BIG fan of Do-A-Dot markers. You can do this activity with these as well, but you would just need to say a letter or number for the kids to find and they would use the dotters that way!


2. Set-up: Print off the worksheets! If you are using dot stickers, write the letters and numbers on the stickers to match along with the ones I have on the sheets.


Have your children work on upper to lower case matching with this activity by creating lower case letters on the dot stickers instead of upper case.


3. Activity: The kids will match the dot stickers to the letters and numbers!




Activity #10: Popsicle Stick Fall Shapes


I have done this popsicle puzzle a few different times for different reasons and each time, it’s been a HUGE hit.


This time around, I created fall shapes on the stickers and numbers each one. This way we worked on number recognition, number order, and creating shapes!


popiscle stick number shapes


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Popsicle sticks and markers.


popsicle sticks

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2. Set-up: On several popsicle sticks, create fall shapes as you see above. On each stick, write a number at the bottom so the kids can figure out where each stick should go for the puzzle!


3. Activity: Mix the popsicle sticks so they are not all together. Your little one will put the popsicle sticks together to create each fall shape! Using the numbers to guide them, they can figure out which one should go where for each object!

Younger ones can just have one puzzle in front of them. Challenge older children by putting them all mixed up together so they can look through and determine which ones should be together! 


Category #2: Fall Play Ideas

These fall play ideas will be SO much fun for you to set-up for your little ones! Kids get to use their creativity, play and learn, and try new things!


Plus, these activities are simple to set up and actually do, which I always appreciate easy activities.


Activity #11: Coffee Filter Leaves


I’ll be honest, I didn’t think this activity was going to be as cool as it was. Also, it doesn’t look that amazing until after the leaves dry.


I actually am keeping them for a fall decoration around my house, I love them so much.


coffee filtered leaves


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Coffee filters, markers, scissors, a pencil, leaf template (optional), and a cup of water.


2. Set-up: Create leaf shapes with a pencil on the coffee filters. I would place 3 in a stack so you can get several copies. Cut the leaf shapes out. With a marker, draw a bold circle in the center of each leaf.


3. Activity: Fold the leaf in half and dip it into the water. Hold it there for a few seconds to let the color sink in. Open up the leaf and use your fingers to spread out the color on the leaf. Put it on an art tray to dry. I suggest getting a new cup of water if you are using different colors so it doesn’t bleed in.


*You can also mix colors during this activity! We did a few like that, and they turned out pretty cool!


Let them all dry and check out the end product!




Activity #12: Corn Sensory Activity


Corn pits define the fall season, am I right?


Every time we had to the pumpkin patch, apple picking events, or fall parties, corn pits are ALWAYS involved because kids just flock to them.


fall sensory bin


Corn is an excellent sensory bin filler. I had to create a fall sensory bin for my kids using some great finds from Hobby Lobby that I picked up.


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Corn kernels, measuring cups, funnels, fall-themed accessories (straw hats, gems, tractors, pinecones, fake pumpkins/gourds).


cracked corn

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2. Set-up: Dump the corn into a sensory bin and add in the objects you chose to use!


3. Activity: Let the kids play! The AMAZING part about sensory play is that the kids just go to town playing with them. The measuring cups can be used for scooping and pouring. The funnels can be used for playing! They will spend so much time playing and creating with this bin.




Activity #13: Fall Scavenger Hunt


Being outdoors during fall time is the best. The weather is cooler, you get to wear all those adorable sweaters you bought for the fall time, and you can drink your PSL’s!


My kids have always been entertained by scavenger hunts. They really get into checking off the boxes of the items that they find.


fall scavenger hunt


To find these items, you can look around your home or you may need to go on a walk. This can also be used as an ongoing activity whenever you head out!


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My FREE Fall Scavenger Hunt worksheets, clipboards, and writing utensils.


Fall Scavenger Hunt


clipboards for kids

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2. Set-up: Print off the worksheets and get them ready on the clipboards!


3. Activity: Get outside and have the kids start searching for the items on the list. They will put a checkmark or an X on the objects that they find!




Activity #14: Paper Plate Apple Craft


Paper plate crafts are simple and fun to do! I always appreciate an easy craft to pull off with the kids.


This is a perfect activity for fall time, back to school, and apple-themed learning lessons!


paper plate apples


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Paper plates, construction paper, scissors, and glue.


construction paper

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2. Set-up: You can either cut pieces of construction paper into squares or you can have the kids rip the pieces as well. Either way works :).


3. Activity: Flip the paper plate over and have them start creating their apple with the pieces of construction paper. They can use the glue to paste the pieces anywhere on the plate. We tried to cover as much of the plate as we could. In the end, we added a stem and leaf as well!


To extend the learning for this, you can also talk about the part of an apple!


Activity #15: Apple Washing Sensory


Have you ever tried a washing sensory bin with your kids? I have done several of them now and they always entertain the kids for a long time!


This is important because sometimes activities don’t hold their attention for too long, but these washing bins keep them engaged.


apple washing sensory play


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: A sensory bin, water, apples, a hand towel, and clean brushes/toothbrushes.


My sensory table is from IKEA, it’s the FLISAT table


cleaning brushes

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2. Set-up: In the sensory bin, add a bunch of water. I recommend doing this activity outdoors so water doesn’t get everywhere on your floor.


3. Activity: The kids will take the apples and clean them with the toothbrushes or clean brushes. They will scrub them all over. This is also an important lesson to talk about why we wash fruits. Once they are done with an apple, put it to the side and they can work on drying them at the end.




Activity #16: Fall Leaf Sweep


Looking for a rainy day activity to do with the kids this fall? Indoor fall lead sweeping is a blast and it will get your kids pumped up for raking leaves outdoors!


fall leaf sweep


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Fake leaves, toy broom/rake, and painter’s tape.

toy rake

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2. Set-up: spread out the leaves all over the floor. If you choose to use the painter’s tape, you can create a square on the floor for your child to sweep the leaves into.


fall leaf sweep


3. Activity: your little one will sweep/rake the leaves into a pile! Once they get all the leaves inside the square or in a pile, they can throw them up and spread them out again! This activity can be done repeatedly.


Activity #17: Thankful Turkey


When it’s near Thanksgiving time, I always make sure to talk about what we are blessed with and thankful for with my children.


I want them to understand that we are lucky to have a roof over our heads, food to eat, fantastic family members and so much more.


thankful turkey

How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My FREE Thankful Turkey worksheet, crayons, and a Sharpie.


Thankful Turkey Download



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2. Set-up: Print off the worksheet and get your materials ready.


3. Activity: Discuss with your children what it means to be thankful for something. Then, have a conversation about what they are thankful for. If they are struggling with this, give them a few examples then see what they can come up with one their own. They can write what they are thankful for on the feathers. If they can’t write yet, you can do this part for them!


Coming soon! Thanksgiving Activities For Kids


Activity #18: Apple Graphing


Do you love going apple picking? It’s one of our favorite fall activities to do as a family!


This apple graph is a perfect introduction to how graphs work for your kiddos. You don’t have to go apple picking to do this activity. I just like to do this one after we go back we get a CRAZY amount of different colored apples, so it works out well!


apple graph


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My Apple Graph (found in my apple learning packet), and crayons/markers.


Apple Learning Packet


2. Set-up: Print off the graph and get your materials ready.


3. Activity: Dump out the apples on the table. Have your kids separate the apples by colors in small groups. They should count out how many of each color there are. Then, they will color in that amount on the graph!


Activity #19: Leaf Sensory Painting


Want to do a project that is mess-free? YES! When mess-free is an option, I will always go for it every time.


Mess-free sensory activities are really great for even younger toddlers to do because they can’t eat the paint!


leaf sensory painting


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My FREE leaf templates, black cardstock paper, paint, scissors, a pencil, and a ziplock bag (gallon or quart).


Leaf Templates Download 


black cardstock

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2. Set-up: Cut the piece of cardstock in half. Then, cut out the leaf printable, and trace it with a pencil on black cardstock paper. Poke a hole in the middle of the leaf with a pencil, then cut the middle out!


In the ziplock bag, dump some paint inside. You can mix colors or keep it the same! Place it underneath the black leaf cut-out. Place painter’s tape on top of the paper to hold down!


3. Activity: Have your little one squish the paint and move it all around to cover the entire leaf cut-out. They can mix the colors together as well! It’s such a great sensory activity and it looks so pretty when it’s done!


Activity #20: Turkey Donuts


Looking for a fun snacktivity to try with your little ones?


This turkey donut idea is super cute and simple. Your kids will LOVE putting this together. Then, they most likely will try to get a donut or two out of the deal.


turkey donut treat


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Small glazed donuts, toothpicks, colored beads, frosting, and candy eyes.



View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Set up all of the materials you need in a tray. I love these plastic vegetable trays to help for the organization!

3. Activity: Stick several toothpicks at the back of the donut. Your little ones will put the colored beads on the toothpicks. You can have them sort by color or just let them play and do multi-colored beads. Use a little frosting on the back of the candy eyes so they will stick to the donut and place on the front!


Category #3: Halloween Learning Activities


Halloween is a HUGE part of the fall season. I had to include some learning and fun activities for this article!


Kids are always more engaged in learning when they are doing activities that excite them! These Halloween themed learning activities are sure to be a hit!


Activity #21: Spider Counting 


Does anyone else’s little one love everything that creepy?  My little guy is seriously obsessed with everything when it comes to Halloween.


This spider craft is great to do with preschoolers and even older elementary-aged kiddos!


spider counting activity


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Colored cardstock paper, black cardstock paper, small colored pom-poms, and googly eyes.


small pom poms

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2. Set-up: Create several circles on the black cardstock with a round object like a small cup. Create little legs out of the other colored construction paper. You can have your kids help put the legs on the spiders or you can do it.


Do specific colors on each spider or you can do multi-colored for some fun! Let the legs dry before moving onto the activity.


3. Activity: Your kids can sort the pom-poms by color into small bowls. They will glue the googly eyes on the spider and then they will match the color pom-poms to the color of the legs on the spider. Tell them a specific amount of poms to place on each spider or you can place moveable numbers near each spider.




Activity #22: Halloween Writing Trays


Writing trays are an inviting way to practice handwriting skills for younger kids. When you add sand or cookie sprinkles it instantly makes an activity better!


For this writing tray, I decided to use Crayola Play Sand, it was perfect for Halloween time since it’s green!


halloween writing tray


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Crayola Play Sand, a paintbrush, my Halloween letter and number traceable, and plastic spiders.


Upper Case Tracible Letter Cards


Lower Case Tracible Letter Cards


Tracible Number Cards



View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Dump some sand into a tray (I suggest using one that has sides so the sand doesn’t fly out). Print off the letters and numbers that you want to work on. Place one at the top of the tray! Add in black spiders for fun.


3. Activity: Your child will use the paintbrush to create the letter/number. Once they complete one, try some others! It doesn’t have to be perfect since it’s in the sand, just have them try their best. Let them play with the sand and the spiders when they are all finished.




Activity #23: Pumpkin Learning Activity Pack


When you add pumpkins onto a worksheet, it instantly becomes “cool” for kids to do.


When I create my worksheets, I try to make them as appealing as I can for kids to do! I LOVE creating these fun resources for your kids. I try to make them as interactive and jam-packed with learning as I can.


pumpkin learning packet


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My Pumpkin learning packet, crayons, a pencil, scissors, and glue.

Pumpkin Learning Packet


Included in this learning pack is the lifecycle of a pumpkin activity, parts of a pumpkin activity, color by number, alphabet upper and lower case matching, pumpkin shape count, and alphabet writing activity.


2. Set-up: Print off the pages and get your materials ready!


3. Activity: Choose one or two worksheets to do with the kids each day. Unless they are having SO much fun and want to keep doing them. Depending on the activity you choose for the day, that’ll depend what supplies you need.


Interested in some other learning resources for fall time?


My friend Jessica at The Primary Parade has some pretty awesome fall-themed learning resources as well.


pumpkin learning resources


How cute is this pumpkin seed subitizing activity? This is a FUN and FESTIVE way to work on the skill of subitizing. I love the little black seeds she used as well as manipulatives for the kids the use. Check out her website and resources here!


Activity #24: Alphabet Freeze Game!


I like to get my kids moving with they learn! They like these activities more and they are always more willing to keep doing the activity for longer periods of time if they are active.


This simple set-up is perfect for practicing the alphabet/phonics!


pumpkin alphabet game



How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Foam pumpkins and a Sharpie.


foam pumpkins

View Amazons Price


2. Set-up: Write the letters of the alphabet on the foam pumpkins and place them in a circle formation on the floor.


3. Activity: Play some Halloween music while they are playing this game! When the music starts, have your kids start walking around the circle. When the music stops, have them stop on the pumpkin they are nearest to. Have them say the letter. For older kids, you can ask them the letter, what sound it makes, and also to come up with a word beginning with that letter.


My daughter even came up with Halloween themed items for each letter, which I thought was so creative of her!


Want to extend the learning a bit more? You can have your kids find the letters of their name and put those pumpkins together to spell their name. Also, you work on word building skills with kindergarten and up!


Activity #25: Tally the Bones


Tally the bones is an excellent way to introduce the concept of tally marks. It’s also fantastic because it uses a supply that you probably already have on hand!


tally the bones



When introducing tally marks to your kids, start with small numbers. In this picture, you see several pieces of foam dice. If you have a younger one, start with only one piece of dice. To challenge older ones, add in more pieces of dice to work on addition skills!


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Foam dice, q-tips, and black cardstock paper.


foam dice

View Amazons Price


2. Set-up: Gather the materials you need!


3. Activity: Have your child roll the dice. Have them count up the dots or see if they can add them together if they are old enough. Then, have them place that amount of Q-tips on the black cardstock paper as tally marks. Emphasize that the 5th Q-tip will need to go across the other 4 to form the number 5.


Try this activity several times till they get the hang of how to create tally marks!




Activity #26: Halloween Candy Graphing


Our absolute favorite part about trick-or-treating is dumping all the candy out on the ground when the kids are all done! Do you love that too?!


We love going through the candy and separating them based by chocolates, gummies, hard candy, etc.


halloween candy graph


After the trick-or-treating is all day the next day, we LOVE to graph our candy.


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My FREE Candy Graph, Halloween candy, crayons, and markers.


Trick Or Treat Graph


halloween candy

View Amazons Price


2. Set-up: Sort all the candy by type (gummies, chocolate, hard candy, lollipops, sour candy). If you have WAY too much candy, just grab 2 handfuls or so.


3. Activity: Count up the candy in each category and color in the amount of the graph of what they have. Talk about what group has the most, the least, and if any are the same!


Activity #27: Halloween Activity Learning Book


Want some learning activities that you can use over and over that are festive for the holiday?


You need to check out my amazing busy book that you can create using the digital download that I created for you!



How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My Halloween Busy Book download, a 1″ binder, sheet protectors, scissors, velcro circles, ziplock bags, a laminator (unless you want to get it laminated), and laminating sheets.


Halloween Activity Book



View Amazons Price


2. Set-up: This does take some set-up, but believe me it’s well worth it! Laminate only the sheets that need it (these are the pieces). The other main sheets can go in sheet protectors inside the binder. Cut out the pieces once laminated. If it’s an activity that would need velcro circles, you can add those on there and on the binder so they will stick together.


3. Activity: Your little one can complete the activities over and over again! This is a great way to practice new skills as well as work on recognition!


I just bought this laminator for my house! I love having my own laminator because I can laminate all the activity sheets that I want to do repeatedly. It saves so much on ink and paper. 


Activity #28: Counting Monster’s Teeth


These monsters aren’t so scary, are they?! I love the addition of candy corn to this activity. I’m not the biggest fan of how candy corn tastes, but my kids LOVE it.


These cute little monsters work on counting and number recognition skills!


monsters teeth

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Moveable numbers, candy corn, reusable folders, and my FREE Monster Printable.


Monster Counting Mats


magnetic numbers and letters

View Amazons Price


2. Set-up: Print off the worksheets and grab the other materials you need. Place the monster sheets inside the reusable folder so you can do this activity repeatedly.


3. Activity: Place a certain amount of candy corn inside the monster’s teeth. Have your little ones count the teeth and write the answer on the line provided. You can use a dry erase marker if you have the reusable folders. You can also have the kids use the moveable numbers to tell you how much there are!


Activity #29: Pumpkin 10 Frames


Who doesn’t love pumpkin seeds? The best part is digging into those pumpkins to grab the seeds out right?!


One way you can put those pumpkin seeds to use is by using 10 frames! 10 frames are one of the ways that your child will learn how to subitize.


Subitizing is the ability to be able to tell how many objects are in a group without needing to count them! 


halloween 10 frames


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: My pumpkin seed 10 frame activity worksheets, pumpkin seeds, pom-poms, mini erasers, or do-a-dot markers!




pom poms halloweenView Amazons Price



2. Set-up: Print off the worksheets that you want to do and grab a bowl of pumpkin seeds.


3. Activity: Have your little ones create the numbers that are on top of each sheet. To challenge older kiddos, make sure to grab by addition and subtraction 10 frame activities as well! Have them count out the correct amount of seeds that need to go on each mat!




Activity #30: Halloween Word Search


I LOVE creating giant word searches for my oldest. It’s one of her favorite activities to do as well! She’s learning how to read and she loves the challenge of being able to find the special words in the word search.


It works best by using easel paper since it’s larger and longer paper. I have also used a large piece of cardboard as well for this activity if you don’t have easel paper, that will work just as well!


halloween word search


I have also done this activity for practicing sight words! This is a fun and engaging way to practice sight word recognition!


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Easel paper, painter’s tape, and a marker.


easel paper



2. Set-up: Write out what words you want to use on a piece of paper. Make sure to include those words in the search! Mix in a bunch of different letters throughout the words you create.

3. Activity: Challenge your little one to find all the words that are on the list that you created on the piece of paper. They should use a marker to circle the words. They can cross off the words on the other piece of paper once they find them!




Category #4: Halloween Play Ideas


These actually were my FAVORITE activities to do out of this entire article. I really enjoy the shopping, planning, and implementing the process of these Halloween activities.


There are just so many fun ways to play with Halloween objects. I could have made this article even longer (it will happen at some point).


Activity #31: Witch’s Brew Recipe


I could have included this one in my learning activity section, but it’s so much fun the kids don’t even realize they are learning.


Witch’s stew is a counting activity that involves LOTS of fun Halloween goodies.


witch's brew activity


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: A plastic organizing tray, Halloween mini erasers, ping pong eyeballs, toy spiders, toy bones, vampire’s teeth, my Witch’s Stew Cards, and a large cauldron.


Witch’s Brew Activity Cards


plastic tray

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Separate each item that you have in the organizing tray and print off my cards!


3. Activity: Have your little ones follow the directions of each card. They should create the recipe by counting out each item and placing them into the cauldron. You can also add in some tweezers so they have to use those to drop the objects in.


Activity #32: Haunted Hands


In the summertime, we got really into playing with ice since it was SO hot outside.


We wanted to continue the ice play fun during the fall by doing a haunted hands ice play activity!


haunted hands activity


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: clear gloves, Halloween pom-poms, toy spiders, googly eyes, food coloring, squirt bottles, and salt.


clear gloves

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2. Set-up: Inside the clear gloves, place the Halloween themed objects that you want. Also, fill the gloves up with water and add food coloring (optional). Tie the gloves together at the end. Place in the freezer overnight.


3. Activity: Run some hot water over the gloves in the morning to dethaw it a little bit so the ice mold will pop out! Place the molds inside a sensory bin. I suggest taking this play outside to avoid a large mess inside! Fill up the squirt bottles with warm water. Dump a little salt on top of the ice molds (this makes it easier for the ice to melt).


Have the kids squirt the warm water on the ice molds! They will love watching the objects start to appear! They can dig them out using toy tweezers!


Activity #33: Halloween Spider Play-Doh


Play-Doh play trays are so much fun to put together and the kids just go crazy for them. This tray I created was a create your own spider invitation to play!


spider play doh

How to do this activity: 


1. Materials you need: a plastic organizing tray, spiders, Halloween colored Play-Doh, pipe cleaner, and googly eye set.


play doh

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Set up your organizing tray with all the materials you need!


3. Activity: Your little ones can get as creative as they want to create their spiders! They can use all the materials that you place on the tray to make their spiders look however they want!


Activity #34: Spider Racing


Got a little one who loves a little friendly competition? This spider racing game is simple to do and it’s a blast.


We got really into this activity as a family. My kids’ raced against each other, my husband and I raced against each other, and we raced the kids!



How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: plastic straws and toy spiders and painters tape.


plastic straws

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2. Set-up: Grab your materials! Create a start and an ending line with the painter’s tape.


3. Activity: When someone says GO! Have the kids start blowing their spiders using the straws. The first one to have their spider cross the finish line wins that round. Continue to play with different players racing against each other!




Activity #35: Googly Eye Soup


Looking for a simple but FUN Halloween sensory activity for your kids?


Googly Eye Soup is bound to be a hit. Honestly, anything with googly eyes seems to be a hit around here!


googly eye soup


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: A sensory bin, water, food coloring (purple, orange, green or black), and googly eyes, small caldrons, and laddle.


I mentioned earlier that I got this sensory table from IKEA. If you aren’t interested in a full table, these plastic bins work great for both storage and/or sensory activities!


sensory bins

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2. Set-up: In a sensory bin, add some water and a few drops of food coloring. Dump in the googly eyes and mix it around.


3. Activity: Let the kids have fun playing with the concoction. They can use the measuring cups/ladle to dump the liquid into the small caldrons. This works on scooping and pouring skills, which are fantastic practical life skills!


Activity #36: Colored Pasta Sensory Play


This specific colored pasta sensory tray was the FIRST ever sensory tray I put together for the kids.


Needless to say, I’ve been hooked ever since. This was a huge hit with the kids because it’s so slimy and perfect for Halloween time.


colored pasta play


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Spaghetti noodles, orange food coloring/liquid watercolors, a medium-sized pot, colander, toy spiders, mini erasers, eyeball ping pong balls, any other Halloween themed item you want to add in!


liquid watercolors

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2. Set-up: Cook the spaghetti noodles like you would normally. Drain them using the colander and run cold water over it so it cools down. Inside a ziplock bag, add a few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolors. Close the back and shake it until it gets all over the spaghetti noodles.


Typically, you want to let it dry, but in this case, I believe the activity is better when the noodles are wet.


3. Activity: Let the kids explore the spaghetti! This is such a fun Halloween themed sensory activity since it’s slimy. Talk about the consistency with your kids. You can even add in a plastic play-doh knife or scissors so they can practice cutting skills!




Activity #37: Pumpkin Fizz Science Experiment


STEM activities involve the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and/or math. They are fantastic activities to teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


This pumpkin fizzing activity is a science experiment involving the use of baking soda and vinegar. Kids can get hands-on experience with a chemical reaction when using these ingredients.


pumpkin fizz experiment


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Baking soda, orange food coloring/liquid watercolors, small Halloween objects, green pipe cleaners, vinegar, and art tray.


2. Set-up: In a bowl, mix 2 cups of baking soda, a few drops of orange liquid watercolors, and 2/3 cup of water. Mix together until it becomes like a paste. Gather a little ball together and place a small Halloween object inside, then cover it up! Cut a green pipe cleaner to look like a stem and place on top.


Let these dry for 24 hours!



3. Activity: Drizzle dish soap on a plastic art tray. In squeeze bottles, add some vinegar inside. Have the kids squirt the pumpkins with the vinegar and they will be able to find the hidden Halloween objects through the fizz!


Activity #39: Magic Pumpkin Experiment


This is like the classic experiment with Skittles to make a rainbow in the middle!


I put a different spin on it to create a pumpkin! The kids were amazed to see the results. It’s so neat to watch the colors come to the middle!


magic pumpkin experiment


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: A plate, orange and green Skittles, and water.


white plate

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2. Set-up: On a plate, create a pumpkin shape with the Skittles.


3. Activity: Pour warm water on the Skittles and watch the colors slowly start to move towards the middle to create a pumpkin!



Activity #40: Invitation to Create Monsters


Creating your own shape monsters is such a FUN activity and it’s a great way to involve some learning into a craft.


I have a bunch of FREE learning packets in the Teaching Resources section of my website. If you haven’t checked that out yet, you need to!


shape monsters


It’s always more exciting for the kids to do worksheets when you involve some craft or play set-up to go along with the work.


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Cardstock paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, glue, my FREE Monster-Themed learning packet, and crayons/markers.


Monster Learning Packet



pipe cleaners

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2. Set-up: Place all your materials into a plastic organizing tray. Create the shapes on cardstock and cut them out for the kids.


3. Activity: Let the kids have a blast creating their own monsters! I love crafts like this because there is no wrong way to do this. They can put on as many eyes, legs, or arms as they want :). Talk about the shapes of each monster. After they are done creating the monster, they will complete the learning worksheets!




Activity #40: Ghost Sticky Wall


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my son is OBSESSED with ghosts and especially the Ghostbusters.


I knew this ghost sticky wall activity was going to be an instant hit when he saw it!


ghost sticky wall


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Contact paper, cotton balls, a Sharpie, and painter’s tape.


contact paper

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2. Set-up: Cut a long piece of contact paper and tape it to the wall using painter’s tape. With a Sharpie marker, draw a ghost shape and create eyes and a mouth.

3. Activity: Give your children cotton balls and have them stick them on the ghost! They are trying to fill in the entire ghost using the cotton balls. It is so much fun for them to stick the cotton balls on the contact paper!


Category #5: Party Planning Ideas


For the past 2 years, we have put on our own Fall Field Day party at our home with our family and friends! It has been something that I look forward to each year, and I plan on continuing this tradition!


I have been a physical education teacher for the past 10 years, so I have run our school’s field day each year! I like to mimic the set up to our fall field day party as I do at school!


I am going to be sharing with you the stations that we have done over the past few years. I change a few things up every year, but there are some activities that are always a hit that we do each year.


Activity #41: Corn Pit Sensory Play


So you saw a corn sensory activity above and I mentioned that typically at events, corn pits are HUGE and can be something kids can actually dive into.


Our corn pit is a hit every year! Toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids love this sort of sensory activity!


corn pit


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: a baby/dog pool, tons of corn (I would get several bags depending on how large your area is), and sand toys.


dog/baby pool

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Dump the corn into the pool and add in the toys! Couldn’t be easier.


3. Activity: Let the kids have fun! Like I said earlier, corn is a fantastic sensory filler. When it’s something that the kids can actually sit inside of and play with, it’s even better. Have them use shovels and pails to fill the buckets up!


Activity #42: Haunted Candy Search


Other than the inflatable because I mean it’s hard to top that… this is the station that the kids can’t wait for.


We have some woods in our backyard so we hide a bunch of ghosts around in different spots along our trail we have.




How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Hanging ghosts, Halloween candy, and Halloween bowls.


hanging ghosts

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2. Set-up: Hang ghosts up around your house or backyard area. Underneath each ghost, set a bowl with candy out under it.


3. Activity: Once the kids see a ghost, they can grab a piece of candy from the bowl and place it in their Halloween bag!


Activity #43: Pumpkin Bowling


Pumpkin bowling is a classic activity that is always a really big hit with the kids. Getting to roll a pumpkin to knock down toilet paper rolls is exciting for kids!


pumpkin bowling


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: toilet paper rolls, a Sharpie, painter’s tape, small pumpkin (pie pumpkins work great), and a rug (optional).


2. Set-up: On 12 toilet paper rolls, draw some ghost faces with a Sharpie. Set them up stacked up on top of each other. Place a rug down underneath the toilet paper rolls. Create a line with painter’s tape on the rug so the kids know where to stand.


3. Activity: The kids will start at the line and attempt to roll the small pumpkin to knock down the toilet paper rolls. They get two chances just like in real bowling. Then, the next child can have a turn.  Kids can practice counting how many rolls they knocked down! 




Activity #44: Mummy Wrapping


There’s just so much toilet paper involved in my fall field day! This mummy wrapping activity is a blast and it’s a fun way for kids to learn how to work together.


Your kids will LOVE this activity to get wrapped like a mummy. This activity is perfect for younger and older kids.


mummy wrapping

How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Toilet paper rolls


2. Set-up: Get a whole bunch of rolls ready!


3. Activity: Have kids’ work together or even a parent can do with this their child! They will wrap their partners up from head to toe as much as they can with the toilet paper rolls. You can give them a limit of how many rolls they can use.




Activity #45: Gummy Worm Challenge


This gummy worm challenge will have everyone smiling! This is a challenge because the kids can’t use their hands in this activity.


gummy worm eating

How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Paper plates, gummy worms, and whip cream.


paper plate

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2. Set-up: On a paper plate, squirt some whipped cream and add in 5 gummy worms.


3. Activity: On the GO signal, all of the kids’ will do this activity at the same time! They will not be allowed to use their hands to eat the gummy worms. They have to bend down and just eat the gummy worms. The first one to complete the challenge is the winner! All the kids can continue until they are done.


Activity #46: Mask Making


I love adding in some art projects in my party planning! Kids always enjoy creating something to be able to take home with them.


mask making


I always grab a bunch of different options for them to choose from! It’s an easy project to set up.


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Wooden masks with handles and markers, glitter glue, and stickers.


glitter glue

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2. Set-up: Set up the masks and sort them if you have different options for them to choose from.


3. Activity: Let the kids create their masks however they want! They can use glitter glue to stick the feathers on the masks. They can use the other supplies to color in the mask.


Activity #47: Trick or Treat Race


Got some older kiddos heading over for a party? This is the PERFECT way to keep the kids active and excited!


Candy always is going to be a winner even for us adults!


kids running


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: At least 2 trick or treat bags, a bunch of Halloween candy, at least 2 bowls and cones.


trick or treat bags

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Places cones at the start and the end lines. Dump a bunch of candy in at least two bowls, depending on how many kids you will have coming, you can separate them in 2 or more teams. If you have more teams, you need more bowls and trick or treat bags.


Separate the kids evenly up into teams! Have the teams start at the same spot.


3. Activity: On the GO signal, the first person in line will run down to the bowls, a parent will be standing there, to get a piece of candy, they have to say Trick or Treat! Then they will get the candy, put it into the bag, and head back to their team. They will hand off the bag to the next person in line and they will go. This is a relay activity. The first team to have an empty candy bowl is the winner!


Activity #48: Pumpkin Painting


Aren’t mini pumpkins just the cutest little things? Painting these mini pumpkins is WAY too fun.


It’s also really simple to set up and the kids love getting the chance to be creative and mix colors around on the pumpkins.


pumpkin painting set up


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: mini pumpkins, acrylic paint, bowls, paintbrushes, cups for water, and a table or hay bale.


paint brushes

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Dump the paint in the bowls. Get out the paintbrushes and put them in pile for the kids to grab. Fill up a few cups of water. Set up a table or use a hay bale (to be festive) for them to set their pumpkins on to dry.


3. Activity: The kids will get their creative juices flowing by painting the pumpkins however they want! They can use one color or mix as many colors as they want. They can then place them on the table or hay bale to dry and take home when they leave the party!


Activity #49: Face Painting


I’m so thankful that my sister is a great artist because adding face painting into the mix last year was a really big hit.


She drew a variety of pictures that the kids wanted on their hands, face, and/or cheeks!


face painting station


How to do this activity:


1. Materials you need: Face paint kit


face paint kit

View Amazon's Price


2. Set-up: Set out the kit and grab a cup of water and towel.


3. Activity: You or someone else can be the face painter! You can have a couple of options ready for the kids by drawing a quick sketch on a sheet of paper or you can just let them choose!


Activity #50: Inflatable


The fan-favorite at our party is the inflatable that we get. We rent out a jumping inflatable with a slide on it for the kids to play on.


It’s a great thing to add to an outdoor party for kids because it is the main station for the kids to keep coming back to.




Some of the activities that you saw above have specific times where all the kids do the activity at the same time. Other ones are just open for them to go to whenever they want, like this one.


The adults even get in on the action with the kids during the party in the inflatable. It’s a great time for everyone!


Final Thoughts and Conclusion


Wow, that was a lot of activities! I will say that I loved doing ALL these activities with my kids. They were so much fun to do.


I hope you get a chance to do some of these festive activities with your kids. Grab some of the worksheets to get some learning in as well!


Do you have a favorite fall activity that you like to do with your kids? I’d love to hear from you! Please let our community know about what you love to do with your kids during the fall season. I always love hearing about new ideas.


Happy Learning!

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