10 Games to Play in Line at Disney (2024)


Looking for games to play in line at Disney?

If you have been to Disney, you know that sometimes you can wait in some pretty long lines. I have 15 games that will help keep your kids entertained and happy while waiting in line!

Let’s get started with some magical games!

#1: Disney Guessing Game


This Disney guessing game is an exciting game to play in line at Disney!

Everyone in your group will love the fun challenge of this activity.

disney guessing game

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How to play


There are cards, a board, and a timer that come with the game. To make life easy while you are in line, you can just bring the cards to play!


If you want to set a timer on your phone instead of using the timer provided, that would work!


Someone will pull a card and read it to the group. When it’s your turn to go, you’ll try to answer the questions as fast as possible. In my opinion, doing this in 5 seconds with younger kids won’t work, so it’s actually good you don’t have the timer.


You can allow more time if needed depending on the child’s age playing! This will make the time fly in line!

#2: Disney Map I SPY


I don’t know about you, but I love looking at Disney maps. We actually grab them each time because things change around, rides are added, and it’s fun to see the changes over the years.


If this is your first trip to Disney, you’ll be grabbing a map for sure, but if you have gone to Disney before, this is a new a fun way to use the map!

disney i spy freebie

How to do this activity


Open up the map and choose something you want someone to find. This can be anything from a ride, restaurant, color, number, or any other fun thing you can spy!


Got a younger kiddo that this will be too hard for? I have you covered with a fun and FREE Disney I SPY printable!

Grab your FREE Disney I SPY HERE!


Kids can search for the amount of Disney characters at the top of the page and then write down how many they spotted of each one at the bottom.

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#3: Disney Character Match 


This Disney character match-up is a fun game to play in line at Disney.

Your kids will love matching up the characters and their sidekicks!

disney character match printable

How to do this activity


Print off my FREE Disney Sidekick Match-Up sheet. I also have an answer sheet provided for both pages.


Grab your FREE Disney Sidekick Match Printable HERE


Have the kids draw a line from the character to their matching Sidekick!


See if they can match up all the answers correctly.

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#4: Simon Says


Waiting in line right now and don’t have access to a printer to get the printables? Good news, there are a ton of games to play in line at Disney that you can do right now!


Simon says is simple, and the kids will have a blast playing and trying to trick their siblings and parents.


How to play


Simon says is a classic game that is so fun! We played it in line at the ride Rise of Resistance in Hollywood Studios.


I didn’t realize it was going to be such a hit! I started the game off by saying Simon says, “touch your head,” Simon says, “touch your toes,” and Simon says, “act like a monkey.”


They loved it so much! Then when you give an action and don’t include Simon says, and they do it, the round is over.


The kids loved the challenge, and they loved trying to stump the grown-ups! We had a blast in line, and it went by so fast.


#5: Heads Up


Here is the PERFECT game to play in line at Disney! This is a fun game for kids and adults to play together.

Download the app called Heads Up!

This is a fun game that will make the time FLY in line. My kids had so much fun playing the game and guessing. We barely even knew we were waiting in line.


There are themes you can choose from, like animals, celebrities, music, and more.


You place the phone above one person’s forehead, and you try to give them clues for them to guess the word on the screen! If they get it right, they get a point, and they move on to another word until time runs out!

This is fun and will make the time go so fast!

#6: Disney Princess Match


Use my free printable to have your kids guess each Disney princess! This is a great game to play in line at Disney.


This is a fun and challenging game that kids and adults will love.

disney princess printable



How to do this activity


Can your kids name all the Disney princesses based on their silhouette? This will be a fun and challenging activity for them!

Grab your FREE Disney Princess Silhouette Match HERE!


Once they name one of the princesses, they can cross it off with a pencil!


This is a fun and simple Disney-themed game.

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#7: Wikki Stix


Got more of a hand’s on kiddo that needs something to play with? Wikki Stix are a wonderful game to play in line at Disney.


Wikki Stix are bendable sticks that kids can create with!  You can pack this in your bag, and it won’t take up a bunch of room.


wiki sticks travel activity

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These are also wonderful to take to a restaurant or in the car for a road trip.


If your kids don’t know what to create, there is also a version of these sticks that has a connect the dots activity to create with. I suggest grabbing this pack for younger kids so they can learn how to create with them.


This is a great way for kids to be creative, and it’s a wonderful open-ended toy since there are endless ways to play.

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#8: Guess in 10 Travel Game


I actually didn’t buy this originally to be a travel game. My kids love animals, so I thought this would be a fun way for them to learn a little bit more about each animal.

It turned to work great as a game to play in line at Disney. They are easy to pack up in a bag to take to the parks.

guess in 10 travel activity

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Why is this a great travel activity?


There are clues on each card that the kids can read so the other person can guess what animal it is.


My son is 5, and he can’t read it, so he just looks at the photos on the side of the card and makes up his own clues, which I think is kind of neat.


But, they also have a Junior Version as well, in case you are interested in that for smaller kids that just have pictures on them. The Junior set is for ages 3-6 years old.


These cards are small and can fit into a bag very easily! It makes for a fun and easy travel activity for kids.

#9: Character Alphabet Game


Here is a fun and challenging game to play in line at Disney with your group!


Try to come up with the names of Disney characters for each letter of the alphabet. Some of them are tricky!

disney character alphabet printable


How to do this activity


Grab my FREE Disney alphabet game printable and pack a pencil or pen!


As a group, try to come up with Disney characters for each letter of the alphabet. Try not to look up answers! I will say the letter X is the hardest one to come up with, but there are some.


FREE Disney Alphabet Game Printable HERE!


Write down the person’s name who came up with each character to keep track of who came up with the most ideas!

#10: Disney Category Game


This category Disney-themed game will make the time go fast in line! You’ll be at the ride in no time when playing this fun and simple game.

How to play


Someone will come up with a category. Here are some ideas to get you started! Movies, rides, characters, resorts, or restaurants.


The first person will say their answer, and then the person next to them will give another answer. Check the video above for an example.


If someone repeats an answer, that round is over, and you will start another one! Or, if people can’t think of another answer, the round is over.


This game to play in line at Disney will keep the kids entertained all the way through the line!


Final Thoughts and Conclusion


I hope you found some fun and simple games to play in line at Disney! These ideas have worked like a charm for my family.


Let me know in the comments below which ideas have worked for you! I’d love to hear some more tips and tricks for anyone who has gone to the parks!


Have a magical day!



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