22 Halloween Party Ideas For Kids (2024)

Looking for some not so spooky Halloween party ideas for kids?!

For the past three years, we have put on our own Fall Field Day party at our home with our family and friends! It has been something that I look forward to each year, and I plan on continuing this tradition!

I will be sharing with you the stations that we have done over the past few years. I change a few things up every year, but some activities are always a hit each year.

Activity #1: Corn Pit Sensory Play

So you saw a corn sensory activity above, and I mentioned that typically at events, corn pits are HUGE and can be something kids can actually dive into.

Our corn pit is a hit every year! Toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids love this sort of sensory activity!

corn pit

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: a baby/dog pool, tons of corn (I would get several bags depending on how large your area is), and sand toys.

dog/baby pool

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2. Set-up: Dump the corn into the pool and add in the toys! It couldn’t be easier.

3. Activity: Let the kids have fun! Like I said earlier, corn is a fantastic sensory filler. When it’s something that the kids can actually sit inside and play with, it’s even better. Have them use shovels and pails to fill the buckets up!

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Activity #2: Haunted Candy Search

Other than the inflatable because I mean it’s hard to top that… this is the station that the kids can’t wait for.

We have some woods in our backyard, so we hide a bunch of ghosts around in different spots along our trail we have.


How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Hanging ghosts, Halloween candy, and Halloween bowls.

hanging ghosts

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2. Set-up: Hang ghosts up around your house or backyard area. Underneath each ghost, set a bowl with candy out under it.

3. Activity: Once the kids see a ghost, they can grab a piece of candy from the bowl and place it in their Halloween bag!

Activity #3: Pumpkin Bowling

Pumpkin bowling is a classic activity that is always a huge hit with the kids. Getting to roll a pumpkin to knock down toilet paper rolls is exciting for kids!

pumpkin bowling

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: toilet paper rolls, a Sharpie, painter’s tape, small pumpkin (pie pumpkins work great), and a rug (optional).

2. Set-up: On 12 toilet paper rolls, draw some ghost faces with a Sharpie. Set them up stacked up on top of each other. Place a rug down underneath the toilet paper rolls. Create a line with painter’s tape on the rug, so the kids know where to stand.

3. Activity: The kids will start at the line and attempt to roll the small pumpkin to knock down the toilet paper rolls. They get two chances, just like in real bowling. Then, the next child can have a turn.  Kids can practice counting how many rolls they knocked down! 

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Activity #4: Mummy Wrapping

There’s just so much toilet paper involved in my fall field day! This mummy wrapping activity is a blast, and it’s a fun way for kids to learn how to work together.

Your kids will LOVE this activity to get wrapped like a mummy. This activity is perfect for younger and older kids.

mummy wrapping

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Toilet paper rolls

2. Set-up: Get a whole bunch of rolls ready!

3. Activity: Have kids’ work together, or even a parent can do with this their child! They will wrap their partners up from head to toe as much as possible with the toilet paper rolls/streamer. You can give them a limit of how many rolls they can use.

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Activity #5: Gummy Worm Challenge

This gummy worm challenge will have everyone smiling! This is a challenge because the kids can’t use their hands in this activity.

gummy worm eating

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Paper plates, gummy worms, and whip cream.

paper plate

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2. Set-up: On a paper plate, squirt some whipped cream and add in 5 gummy worms.

3. Activity: On the GO signal, all of the kids’ will do this activity at the same time! They will not be allowed to use their hands to eat the gummy worms. They have to bend down and just eat the gummy worms. The first one to complete the challenge is the winner! All the kids can continue until they are done.

Activity #6: Mask Making

I love adding in some art projects in my party planning! Kids always enjoy creating something to be able to take home with them.

mask making

I always grab a bunch of different options for them to choose from! It’s an easy project to set up.

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Wooden masks with handles and markers, glitter glue, and stickers.

glitter glue

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2. Set-up: Set up the masks and sort them if you have different options for them to choose from.

3. Activity: Let the kids create their masks however they want! They can use glitter glue to stick the feathers on the masks. They can use the other supplies to color in the mask.

Activity #7: Trick or Treat Race

Got some older kiddos heading over for a party? This is the PERFECT way to keep the kids active and excited!

Candy always is going to be a winner, even for us adults!

kids running

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: At least 2 trick or treat bags, a bunch of Halloween candy, at least 2 bowls and cones.

trick or treat bags

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2. Set-up: Places cones at the start and the end lines. Dump a bunch of candy in at least two bowls, depending on how many kids you will have coming; you can separate them in 2 or more teams. If you have more teams, you need more bowls and trick or treat bags.

Separate the kids evenly up into teams! Have the teams start at the same spot.

3. Activity: On the GO signal, the first person in line will run down to the bowls, a parent will be standing there, to get a piece of candy, they have to say Trick or Treat! Then they will get the candy, put it into the bag, and head back to their team. They will hand off the bag to the next person in line, and they will go. This is a relay activity. The first team to have an empty candy bowl is the winner!

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Activity #8: Pumpkin Painting

Aren’t mini pumpkins just the cutest little things? Painting these mini pumpkins is WAY too fun.

It’s also really simple to set up, and the kids love getting the chance to be creative and mix colors around on the pumpkins.

pumpkin painting set up

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: mini pumpkins, acrylic paint, bowls, paintbrushes, cups for water, and a table or hay bale.

paint brushes

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2. Set-up: Dump the paint in the bowls. Get out the paintbrushes and put them in a pile for the kids to grab. Fill up a few cups of water. Set up a table or use a hay bale (to be festive) for them to set their pumpkins on to dry.

3. Activity: The kids will get their creative juices flowing by painting the pumpkins however they want! They can use one color or mix as many colors as they want. They can then place them on the table or hay bale to dry and take home when they leave the party!

Activity #9: Face Painting

I’m so thankful that my sister is a great artist because adding face painting into the mix last year was a huge hit.

She drew various pictures that the kids wanted on their hands, face, and cheeks!

face painting station

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Face paint kit

face paint kit

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2. Set-up: Set out the kit and grab a cup of water and towel.

3. Activity: You or someone else can be the face painter! You can have a couple of options ready for the kids by drawing a quick sketch on a sheet of paper, or you can just let them choose!

Activity #10: Spoon Races

At our field day, we have the kids use a spoon to balance an egg. I am switching this fun activity up by using an eyeball instead of an egg!

The kids will get a huge kick out of this activity, and they will enjoy the challenge of balancing the eyeball!

spoon eyeball race

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: spoons and toy eyeball set and cones.

eyeball spoon race

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2. Set-up: Set up two sets of cones a few feet apart from each other if you have two teams playing.

3. Activity: Have the first child in line hold the spoon with the eyeball on it. They should walk down to the cone at the other end and then walk back. They are trying to keep the eyeball from falling on the floor. If it does, they can just pick it up and put it back on and keep going.

When they reach the end, they can hand the spoon over to the next person in line. When the whole team goes, the game is over! If you are playing this with another team, the first team to get through the entire line is the winner!

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Activity #11: Create a Spider

I always love a good craft activity at a party! It’s always a hit with the little ones as well.

Give the kids lots of options for things to put on their bats! Kids love using loose parts for their creations!

creating spiders

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Plastic organizer, felt bats, googly eyes, glitter glue, pom-poms, gems, stickers, and feathers.

2. Set-up: Place the loose parts in the plastic tray and place the felt bats in the center!

3. Activity: Let the kids make their bats! They can place as many googly eyes as they want to on that thing! Place the finished products on a tray on the table so they can take them home when they leave.

felt spiders

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Activity #12: Witch’s Hat Ring Toss

Aiming games are a perfect addition to a child’s Halloween party!

These cute little witch’s hats are perfect for a game of ring toss. What I love about this is that it can be adapted for preschoolers to adults!

witchs hat ring tossView Amazons Price

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Witch’s hats and rings.

2. Set-up: Depending on how old the people are coming to the party, set up the witch’s hat at specific spots! For younger ones, keep them close to where they will throw the rings. For the older ones, set the hats up in a more complicated pattern and have them start further away!

3. Activity: The kids will throw the rings try to get on them on the witch’s hats. You can give them a point for each ring they get on the hat! To work on some addition skills, have the kids add up how many points they got!

Activity #14: Pin the Bow Tie on the Skeleton

How cute is the twist on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey?!

Kids love this classic game!

skeleton game

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Paper skeleton, blindfold, Bow Tie FREE download, and tape.

Bow Ties FREE download

paper skeleton

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2. Set-up: Tape the skeleton on the wall, create bow ties with cardstock paper, and place a piece of tape on the back. Write a number on each bow tie.

3. Activity: Put the blindfold on the first kiddo to go! Place them a few steps away from the skeleton. Spin them around 1-2 times. Then, have them attempt to place their bow tie on the skeleton’s neck! Continue this for each child. Have the kids remember their color/number, and the closest one to the correct spot is the winner!

Activity #15: Halloween BINGO

You can never go wrong by playing BINGO at a kid’s party! All the kids enjoy a few rounds of this classic game.

It’s really funny too; the kids love saying BINGO!

halloween BINGO

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: My Halloween BINGO Cards, candy/mini erasers/Halloween toys, and a witch’s cauldron.

Click here to grab your Halloween BINGO cards.

mini erasers halloween

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2. Set-up: Print off the cards and get your chips ready!

3. Activity: Play BINGO by picking out cards one at a time from the bowl. Say the Halloween object out loud that’s on the card. If a child has that picture on their board, they will put a BINGO chip on that picture. The goal is to try to get 5 in a row.

You can play if they get a 5 vertically, horizontally, or diagonally!

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Activity #16: Halloween Egg Hunt

Why not combine two holidays to make a fantastic Halloween game?

There’s just something about plastic eggs that get kids going, am I right? My kids go crazy for those things.

egg halloween hunt

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: plastic eggs, Halloween candy, and a Sharpie.

plastic eggs

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2. Set-up: On each plastic egg, draw a Halloween face. You can get as detailed as you want, or you can just draw a pumpkin face on each pumpkin! No matter what you do on them, all the kids care about is the candy :). Set up all-around your home.

3. Activity: Have the kids go on a search for the plastic eggs! Make this into a learning activity by having the kids count how many eggs they find!

Looking to extend learning for this activity? Try my FREE Trick-or-Treat Candy graph!

halloween candy graph

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Activity #17: Dangling Donut Game

Do you want the kids to get to the next level of excitement during your party?

Try the dangling donut activity challenge! This is hilarious to watch, and the kids just can’t get enough of it.

dangling donut game

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Donuts and yarn.


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2. Set-up: Attach a string to a safe spot and attach it to the donut, so it’s hanging down. The big thing you have to test is to make sure that all the kids will be able to reach the donuts.

3. Activity: On the GO signal, all the kids will attempt to eat the donuts without touching them! This is a fun challenge for the kids. The little one who can eat the donut first without touching it is the winner!

Activity #18: Spider Web Obstacle Course

Need to plan a FUN indoor activity? I capitalize fun because this is so much FUN.

Your kids will love the challenge of making it through this spider web obstacle course.

spider web obstacle course

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: White streamer and tape.

white streamer

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2. Set-up: Tape up the steamers in a hallway in your home.

3. Activity: Have the kids maneuver themselves through the steamers to get through the “spider web.” See if they can do it without knocking down any of the steamers. If it accidentally happens, just tape it back up. This is a great way to work on spatial awareness!

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Activity #19: Halloween Tag

Got a lot of kids that are coming to your party? One way to keep them active and happy is to play a tag game!

I was a physical education teacher for ten years, and this tag game is something I did each year with my students.

YouTube video

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Two pool noodles! You can also cut them with a knife to make it easier to run with.

pool noodles

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2. Set-up: Cut the pool noodle, so one part of the noodle is longer than the other. The witch is going to get the longer part of it, and the wizard is going to get the shorter end.

3. Activity: Choose two taggers. One will be the witch, and the other will be the wizard. The witch will pretend to ride on her broomstick. The wizard is going to use their pool noodle is a wand. The witch tries to tag the players. If they get tagged, their bones all break, and they turn into a blob on the floor. The wizard comes around and taps them, and they are back in the game!

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Activity #21: Monster Rice Krispie Treats

What’s a Halloween party without some treats?! These Rice Krispie treats are simple to do, and they look adorable!

I always try to find simple snacks or baking ideas because I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the best cook. These are right up my alley!

monster rice krispies

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Rice Krispie Treats, different colored chocolate melts, and edible eyes.

edible eyes

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2. Set-up: Melt the colored chocolate that you want to. Make sure to read the directions on how to do this, so you don’t burn the chocolate! Get out a spatula.

3. Activity: Have the kid’s help do this activity by letting them use the spatula to spread the chocolate on the Rice Krispies Treat. Make sure the chocolate isn’t too hot, so they don’t get hurt. Also, let them put on the eyes! They will love this part!

Activity #21: Colored Pasta Sensory Play

Slimy and sticky are two adjectives that go along with Halloween!

One of my favorite things to do with the kids during this holiday is to create fun sensory bins for them. Colored pasta perfect for Halloween since it’s slimy!

colored pasta sensory bin

How to do this activity:

1. Materials you need: Spaghetti noodles, food coloring, sensory bin, Halloween toys, tongs for kids, and fine motor tools.

food coloring

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2. Set-up: Make the colored spaghetti like you usually would! Add in the desired food coloring that you want to into the pot, so it cooks and colors the noodles (this will help from staining your little one’s hands). Drain the spaghetti and put water on it, so it’s wet and add it into the sensory bin. Add your other Halloween items in.

3. Activity: Let your little one dive into the spaghetti noodles to see how it feels! They can also use the fine motor tools like tongs, tweezers, or scoop scissors to try to pick up the Halloween toys inside!

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Activity #22: Inflatable

The fan-favorite at our party is the inflatable that we get. We rent out a jumping inflatable with a slide on it for the kids to play on.

It’s a great thing to add to an outdoor party for kids because it is the main station for the kids to keep coming back to.


Some of the activities that you saw above have specific times where all the kids do the activity at the same time. Other ones are just open for them to go to whenever they want, like this one.

The adults even get in on the action with the kids during the party in the inflatable. It’s a great time for everyone!

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

These games/activities are sure to be a major hit with the kids at your Halloween party!

I hope you get a chance to do some of these festive games with your kids. Whether you are doing them with just your family or a bunch of kids, you can adapt these activities to work!

Do you have a favorite Halloween game that you like to do with your kids? I’d love to hear from you! Please let our community know about what you love to do with your kids during the Halloween season. I always love hearing about new ideas.

Happy Learning!

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