The BEST 30 Toys for 5-Month-Olds (2024)

Looking for the best toys for 5-month-olds for learning and development?

I have a list of the top 30 must-have toys for 5-month-olds to help your child explore, play, and learn!

Let’s get started with these fun baby toys.

#1: Activity Gym

Our all-time favorite toy for 5-month-olds is the activity gym. It’s the number 1 toy that I would recommend to any parent.

The activity gym is great for your child’s first year! It has so many different play options.

Special features of this toy

A. This activity gym has 4 ways to play as the baby grows: lay and play, tummy time, sit and play, and you can even take it along with you when traveling.

B. Babies will be introduced to animals, colors, shapes, numbers, and piano notes!

C. There is a large keyboard with 5 light-up keys. This area can also be removed for travel.

D. Areas of this gym can also be repositioned! The self-discovery mirror, elephant teeth, panda, lion, and monkey can all be moved.

E. When your baby kicks the piano buttons, they will make a noise; they can also bat and play with the toys above them.

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#2: Flip Fish Plush Toy

How cute is this adorable toy for 5-month-olds? I just think it’s so cute!!

3-month-olds will love flipping all the flaps of this fish.

Special features of this toy

A. This fish toy squeaks and crinkles, and it’s a multi-textured toy with bright colors! The best part is that there are hidden pictures under the scales.

B. It’s great for building tactile and fine motor skills.

C. It’s soft, and it’s perfect to take on the go with you in the car or stroller!

#3: Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

One of my favorite toys for 5-month-olds is this fun activity center. Both of my kids loved their activity center.

We used this for many months as they got older too! It’s a great spot to put your little one in once they can hold their heads up well.

Special features of this toy

A. Your 5-month-old will love playing in this activity center. You can use it for your baby to sit, swivel, bounce and play! It also can be converted into a play table!

B. There are 25+ developmental activities included in the activity center.

C. There are several toys to attach around the activity center for your baby to play with. There is also a piano at the bottom.

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#4: Tummy Time Water Mat

Tummy time is one of the most important developmental activities that you can do with your baby each day.

This toy for 5-month-olds will help your baby strengthen their neck, shoulder, and arm muscles.

Special features of this toy

A. What I love most about this baby toy is that it is a water mat, so it helps with sensory development.

B. This baby toy helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills because babies can move the foam pieces around.

C. This is a leak-proof water mat, and it’s made from durable, 100% BPA-free, and non-toxic materials.

D. To use this baby toy, just fill water into the middle of the water mat and inflate the edges.

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#5: Car Seat Toy

You will be on the go with your baby a lot! This car seat toy for 5-month-olds is going to be a lifesaver for you!

I especially loved this toy when we would be in a restaurant because it would help keep my baby entertained.

Special features of this toy

A. There are 4 attachments to this car seat toy! I love that they are all different too, so your baby will love checking out the different textures and shapes.

B. It’s made from safe, non-toxic, BPA-free fabric.

C. Babies can reach, grab, and squeeze the hanging toys. This will help develop muscles, hand-eye coordination, tactile, visual, and auditory abilities.

D. You can string this across the baby’s stroller, crib, or car seat. There is a strap to tighten this baby toy, so it’ll stay in place.

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#6: Vtech Car Toy

This car toy for 5-month-olds is so much fun! There are lights, sounds, and buttons your little one is going to love to push.

I love this interactive toy for babies. There is so much for them to explore.

Special features of this toy

A. Your baby will love to pretend to drive with the steering wheel for kids!

B. This toy helps develop vocabulary. It helps introduce the concepts of animals, colors, vechiles, and numbers.

C. There are 5 colorful buttons that make sounds. There is also a gear shift!

D. It includes 60+ songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases!

#7: Stacking Cups

These cups were a huge hit with my kids when they were little. It’s one of the toys I remember the most, actually.

This toy for 5-month-olds has so many possibilities! This is a classic toy that all babies will love!

Special features of this toy

A. This set comes with 8 cups that stack together! There are holes at the bottom of each one, so they can actually be used in the water too!

B. Your 5-month-old will love stacking these cups to they fit together. They will discover and learn about size.

C. There are also numbers at the bottom of each stacking cup, so eventually, you can practice counting and number recognition.

#8: Vtech Learning Block

This toy for 5-month-olds is very interactive. Your little one will love sitting and exploring this cube!

There are 5 sides to play with many different fun buttons and flaps to play with.

Special features of this toy

A. This activity cube has 4 light-up buttons that help teach your 5-month-old animal names, animal sounds, and shapes!

B. It has 14 interactive features that develop fine motor skills.

C. This toy can be used to help encourage your child to crawl! It has a motion sensor that activates fun sounds to get your child’s attention.

D. It has 25 songs and melodies for your child to learn and listen to!

#9: Floating Bath Toy

It’s exciting to start including some bath toys in the water with your kids!

This bath toy for 5-month-olds is perfect for play and development.

Special features of this toy

A. You receive 4 floating bath toys inside! Two of them will be of animals, and the other two will be other fun little items that roll around.

B. Each of them helps stimulate your 5-month-old’s sense of sight, hearing, and touch.

C. Your baby will love exploring with these toys in the water!

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#10: SmartNoggin Rattle

This rattle blows my mind! This is a must-have toy for 5-month-olds.

It’s amazing how far rattles have come over the years. We even have a smart rattle now!

Special features of this toy

A. This rattle lights up red, blue, and green to promote visual stimulation and visual tracking skills! It also has a black and white bottom, which babies LOVE!

B. The bottom of the rattle makes a rattling sound that your baby will love. It also has a handle that’s easy to hold and has a bumpy texture.

C. There is also a small mirror at the bottom of the rattle for your baby to look at themselves!

D. There is an illustrated parent guide to your baby’s milestones so parents can see a checklist of developmental milestones for the first year.

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#11: Vtech Musical Rhymes Book

Books are some of my favorite toys for any age. Reading is one of the most important things that you can do with your children, no matter what age they are.

This musical toy for 5-month-olds will be a hit! Your baby will love hearing the classic nursey rhymes and sounds.

Special features of this toy

A. This adorable nursery rhyme musical book was a hit with my kids! It has easy-to-turn pages so your baby can even flip back and forth.

B. There are 6 interactive pages with classic nursery rhymes on each one.

C. There are 5 colorful piano buttons that play music. It also teaches about colors and instruments. As always, any book helps build vocabulary!

D. The star lights up in the middle. It has 40+ sounds and melodies to entertain your little one.

#12: Wobbly Teether Toy

These wobbly teether toys are great toys for 5-month-olds! Babies will love exploring what they can do.

Babies can use these as teethers, and it’s great for sensory play!

Special features of this toy

A. 4-month-olds can grab and chew on these fun wobbly toys! It also has a center where you can pop in and out.

B. They each have bumpy textures, which is great for teething.

C. It’s made from high-quality food-grade silicone, and it’s BPA-free.

D. Older children even love these because they can use them as a fidget toy.

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#13: Lots of Links

I remember having all of these links around the house when the kids were little.

They are a great toy for 5-month-olds! They are easy for them to grip and play with.

Special features of this toy

A. These links are great for teething! They are flexible and bendable.

B. This is a great toy to build fine motor skills!

C. Each of the links has a different pattern, so it’s fun for babies to explore and feel.

D. When your little one gets older, they can figure out how to link multiple links together!

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#14: Musical Farm Cube Toy

This may be one of the cutest toys that I have come across. I wish I had this one when the kids were babies!

This is the PERFECT toy for 5-month-olds. I can see your kids playing with this for hours!

Special features of this toy

A. This soft block toy crinkles, it has a mirror, and it makes animal sounds!

B. On the side of the block, it has a sturdy ring, so it’s easy for 4-month-olds to be able to hold.

C. Around the block, there are knotted tags, crinkly flower petals, and tabs.

D. Press the animal’s nose to hear that animal’s sound! There are 4 different sounds.

E. It’s great for building fine motor, gross motor, logical, creative, and linguistic skills.

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#15: Seated Support Pillow

This seated support pillow is a wonderful toy for 5-month-olds. It can be used in a variety of ways for playing and learning.

It’s soft and cozy too! Babies will love using this pillow.

Special features of this toy

A. This pillow is shaped in a C shape, and it’s a stackable pillow.

B. It has a detachable teether, tummy time pillow, and it’s a soft seat positioning prop to help your child learn how to sit.

C. It can help develop head and neck muscles when used for tummy time play!

D. You can only use a damp cloth to clean it; it’s not machine washable.

#16: Vtech Musical Cow

This is an adorable and educational toy for 5-month-olds! It’s easy for them to hold and play with this toy.

It’s a great toy for the car, stroller, or restaurant!

Special features of this toy

A. This adorable cow stuffed animal toy comes with 30+ songs, melodies, and sounds/phrases.

B. It teaches shapes, letters, numbers, and colors! All of this is great to help build your child’s vocabulary.

C. It has light-up buttons and a variety of textures around the cow that your child will love.

D. It has an easy-to-grip ring that goes around the cow. It also has a spinning square in the middle.

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#17: Vtech Dump Truck

We had this dump truck toy, and the kids absolutely loved it. There is so much to explore and play with.

Their favorite part was always dumping the balls out of the back of the truck. Obviously, right?

Special features of this toy

A. Your 5-month-old will love this interactive toy that has a lot for them to play with and explore. Drop a ball into the toy of the dump truck and watch it dump into the back of the truck.

B. Once the balls are in the dump truck, this toy can be pushed or pulled using the string attached!

C. Babies can develop their fine motor skills by placing the ball inside the top of the toy!

D. Learn numbers and colors with this dump truck toy.

E. 30+ melodies, sounds, and phrases included!

#18: Stacking Toy

This stacking toy for 5-month-olds is a toy that will be a favorite of your babies for the next few months!

Babies will love to grip the rings, place them on the post, and explore the different textures on the rings.

Special Features of this toy

A. Your 5-month-old will love exploring how to stack rings! These are fun and colorful.

B. This ring toy will help strengthen hand-eye coordination. It’s also a great way to eventually talk about differences in size!

C. The rings are chunky, so it makes it easy for your baby to grasp and place on the post, which helps develop those fine motor skills.

D. Each ring has different textures and weights, which your 5-month-old will love!

#19: Teething Penguin Toy

I wish this teething toy for 5-month-olds was around when my kids were babies. The design of this teether is genius and adorable.

I always felt like my kids were dropping their teethers ALL the time; this teether is made a little differently, so it may not be dropped as much.

Special features of this toy

A. This teether baby toy helps develop motor skills! They will hold on to the bar inside the penguin teether.

B. It’s made out of food-grade silicone by a US FDA-verified manufacturer.

C. The soft silicone baby toy teether is skin-soft to mimic breastfeeding, but on the end parts, it’s much thicker and chewy, so it helps with teething pain relief.

D. It’s easy to clean and simple to bring along with you on the go!

#20: Crawling Crab Toy

This crawling crab toy for 5-month-olds is perfect for tummy time!

I love this adorable toy! Your kids are going to LOVE watching this toy go back and forth.

Special features of this toy

A. This crab toy for 5-month-olds is perfect. It’s wonderful for tummy time, and it will grow with your kids to encourage them to scoot and crawl when they are older.

B. The crab dances and moves all around. Your baby will love trying to keep an eye on where it is going.

C. This toy has a USB charging cable that comes with it. It makes it very convenient to use with your child!

#21: Grasp Ball

This toy for 5-month-olds is a classic. It’s been around forever for a reason. Babies love it!

We were always playing with this ball. Whether it was at home, in the car, or on the go in the stroller.

Special features of this toy

A. I love this Mickey version of this toy, but there are also other versions of the ball where there is no Mickey-shaped head.

B. It’s easy for babies to hold with Mickey’s ears as the handles, or they can grasp the bottom of the ball too.

C. Babies will love playing with this ball as they grow! They can practice rolling and throwing as well.

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#22: Baby Toy Mirror

This toy mirror is wonderful for your baby’s learning and development.

Babies love the colors black, white, and red. This baby toy for 5-month-olds will help with visual development!

Special features of this toy

A. This is a great toy for tummy time! Babies will love seeing the high-contrast patterns on this mirror. They will also love looking at themselves, which is adorable.

B. I love that this mirror also has a soft book attached to it. So your baby can explore the different images on it while playing. The books rattle, squeak, and crinkle! It can be attached to the mirror with buckles.

C. This baby toy can grow with your child. It can be used for tummy time, sit and play, and also can be hung up so your child can stand and play!

D. Show your baby parts of their face, body, and surroundings with the mirror!

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#23: Baby Einstein Musical Toy

We had this toy for 5-month-olds for both my kids! They both loved it.

It’s a simple on-the-go toy that babies love.

Special features of this toy

A. Babies can hold this toy easily in their hands! They will love to grab the caterpillar and play with the beads.

B. This toy lights up and sings songs.

C. It’s the perfect on-the-go toy for 5-month-olds!

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#24: Soft Cloth Books

It’s never too early to start reading! This soft book is perfect a perfect toy for 5-month-olds!

This book is interactive and great for sensory and auditory learning for babies.

Special features of this toy

A. This book is soft for babies to use and play with! They will love feeling and playing with the fun sea animals in this book.

B. Lift flaps, play peek-a-boo, search for surprises, and feel all the different textures of this animal book for 5-month-olds!

C. There is a baby-safe mirror at the end of the book too.

D. Build vocabulary skills with your kids by reading this book. Talk about the animals, what you can see in the ocean, count, and talk about colors!

E. This book also has a hook on it, so it’s easy to take along with you in the car seat or hook it up to a baby chair!

#25: Wrist and Foot Rattles

This simple toy for 5-month-olds is so entertaining for them!

Just stick these little rattles on their wrists or ankles.

Special features of this toy

A. These rattles have the cutest designs! They attach with velcro and are easy to take on and off.

B. The rattles are made out of soft, high-quality, environmentally friendly fabric. They can be washed if they get dirty.

C. These rattles help develop hand, foot, and eye coordination!

#26: Soft Blocks

These soft blocks are a great toy for 5-month-olds and will grow with your child throughout the first year!

Blocks are a classic toy that we have all loved for years. I love that these have pictures on them, too, to help build vocabulary!

Special features of this toy

A. These blocks are soft and perfect for babies and toddlers to play with safely.

B. When your kids get older, they can also practice numbers, matching up animals and shapes!

C. There are 10 cubes and 4 triangles that come in this pack. They are light and easy for babies and kids to move around.

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#27: Musical Alligator

This toy for 5-month-olds has it all! It’s a teether, rattle, music, and plush animal toy. Your kids are going to love it!

It also plays music! I love when a toy has so many different ways to play.

Special features of this toy

A. There are a variety of fabrics, patterns, and textures to entertain your little one. This will help de tactile and visual development!

B. Press the top of the alligator’s head to play music! The whole alligator also makes different sounds good when babies touch certain spots. They will love exploring and hearing the different sounds.

C. On the back of the alligator, there is a ruler so you can measure the baby’s height! How fun is this?!

#28: Portable Sitting Seat

Once your little one is old enough to hold their head up well, this chair is great!

This toy for 5-month-olds is great because they can join you at the dinner table, watch you cook, or just sit and relax in it.

Special features of this toy

A. This is a great first seat for little ones because it keeps them steady. It has a soft seat, so it’s comfortable for them.

B. It has a wide, sturdy base that helps support your child in the sitting position.

C. This seat has two toys that are attached sot hey can play with something! You can also attach your own linkable toys if they like those ones better.

D. It can fold flat if you want to put it away or if you want to take it on the go.

E. The seat pad can be removed, and it’s machine washable!

#29: Baby Einstein Light Bar

This light-up toy for 5-month-olds is wonderful for playtime! They can use this toy during tummy time.

I love that this toy can grow with the kids, too; it’s a great one to play with while they are learning how to sit.

Special features of this toy

A. This light-up toy is so entertaining for 5-month-olds! It also helps teach them about animals and colors.

B. They will love hearing the music that comes out of this light-up bar. When they press the buttons, it will say different things!

C. It even has three different languages (English, Spanish, and French).

D. It’s easy to wipe down and clean!

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#30: Cactus Dancing Toys

Okay, so I came across this toy for 5-month-olds while I was searching, and I just had to include it.

This cactus is hilarious. It will provide your family with lots of fun and entertainment over the years.

Special features of this toy

A. This dancing cactus toy is fun to watch for 5-month-olds! It can even repeat what someone says!

B. It has 120 songs, and it lights up.

C. Have hours of fun playing with this fun toy!

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

There are tons of toys for 5-month-olds out there, and trying to pick the right toy can be challenging.

I hope you were able to find some great toys for 5-month-olds in this article! They worked wonders for us!

I would love to hear about any toy for 5-month-olds that has worked for you and your family! Every child is different, so certain toys may work for some children and not others.

Happy Shopping!


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