AbcDee Learning Recommends!

My Favorite Resources, products, etc.

I get asked frequently about what sorts of “things” I use. For example, what are my favorite paints? Or where do I buy my art trays?

So below, I have listed the stores, products, and services that I use and recommend, in case you want to check them out yourself. I have done a lot of research, along with personal experience, but that doesn’t mean that everything below is automatically the best option for you. Make sure you do your own exploring and fact-finding before making any purchases.

Lastly, if you have any additional recommendations or questions, please leave a comment at the very bottom!

A note about affiliates: Some of the companies below happen to offer commissions for referrals, while others don’t. When it was available, I made sure to use the appropriate link so that this blog would get credit, which helps support ABCDEE Learning, at no additional cost to you. If you decide to make a purchase using an affiliate link, thank you for your support!

Art Supplies

These are products that I use almost daily!

Acrylic Paint Set

Acrylic Paint Markers

Cardstock Paper

Watercolor Paper


Liquid Watercolors 

Paint Dot Markers

Crayola Coloring Set

Oil Pastels

Washable Paints

Art Trays

Art Mat

Paint Brushes

Paint Tray

Hot Glue 

Craft Supplies

Here are some supplies I make sure I always have on hand to do crafts!


Pipe Cleaners


Masking Tape


Popsicle Sticks

Googly Eyes

Elmers Glue

Food Coloring

Arts and Craft Storage

Craft Supply Holder

Arts and Crafts Cart

Learning Tools

Kid Friendly Tweezers


Kid’s Scissors

It’s so important to get the right size scissors for your kids to use! These are wonderful

8+ Scissors 

 School Supplies

Lunch Box

Water Bottles



Lake Buenavisitors

Here is my favorite t-shirt shop, where I get almost all of my Disney clothes for our trips. Maria has a ton of fun designs.

Main Street Couture Disney Ears

I love Main Street Couture Disney ears because they are thin and they don’t hurt your head! Plus, they have adorable designs.