Math Printables

Welcome to my math printable page!


Here you will find ways to teach your child how to count, learn numbers, shapes, and simple math facts.


You will find my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s activities as well as my FREE teaching resources.


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Math Activities


FREE Math Printables


Zoo Color by Code

animal color by code printable




Gum Ball Math

1 gumball math to practice counting by rolling dice! Use playdough to create gum balls in the machine.

gum ball math


Zebra Counting

Grab my free zebra circles to create a zebra stripe counting activity.


Shark Learning Packet


Counting Cubes

counting cube worksheets


Clock Learning

clock learning packet


Money Learning Packet

money packet


Dinosaur Math

dinosaur math learning


Monster Learning Packet

shape monsters


Fruit Loop Sort

Work on counting and color sorting skills with my Fruit Loop cards. Tape these to cups for this snack activity.

fruit loop color sort


Dump Truck Math

Print the dump truck sheet and write numbers on the trucks. Create a sensory bag with hair gel, water, and black beans. Practice counting skills by scooting the correct amount in each truck.

Shape Sort 2D+ 3D

Practice sorting 2D and 3Ds shapes!


Shape Clips

Print each shape sheet off and tape them to cardboard. Use clothespins to cardboard to practice matching skills.

shape clips


Shape Painting

Use cars and paint to practice building shapes!


Color+Count Shapes

Work on shapes, colors, and writing skills with this fun coloring printable.




Shape Mats

shape mats


Fruit Snack Worksheets

Dr. Suess Number Writing

Do-A-Dot Numbers 1-10

Fingerprint Counting Graph

Bug Counting More/Less


Dice Math

Bird Math Worksheets B+W