SIMPLE Bubble Foam Recipe


Bubble foam sensory play is SO fun and easy


You only need 3 ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen!


Let’s get started so you can make some colorful bubble foam in just a few minutes.


A. Ingredients


Here are the ingredients that you will need to make bubble foam.


  • 2 tablespoons of dish soap
  • 2/3 cup of warm water
  • 5+ drops of food coloring (the more you add in the bolder the colors will be)


At the bottom of the article, you will find the links to all of the products that I use in case you need them!


B. Supplies


To make bubble foam, you’ll need the following supplies:


  • blender
  • sensory bin

supplies for bubble foam


You can use a variety of different sizes to hold the bubble foam. If you want to make multiple colors of bubble foam, I would grab a larger sensory bin.


If you are looking at making only a small batch, it could fit into a smaller container/sensory bin.


I used two of the sensory bins that you see above so I could do all the colors of the rainbow!


C. Step-by-Step Directions


Below you will see the step-by-step instructions on how to make bubble foam and some fun tips and ideas on how you can play with it!


Step 1: Add the ingredients that I listed above into a blender.


bubble foam recipe


I used the number 1 speed on the blender and blended it for just a few seconds.


*When you dump the bubble foam into the sensory bin and leave it to make the other colors, you may see the consistency change. When you first dump it in the bin, it’ll be thicker. The longer you leave it in the bin, the thinner it will get.


That may change your mind on how many colors you want to do, but I promise it’s fun no matter what consistency it is :).

Step 2: Add the bubble foam to a sensory bin

Once it looks like the consistency you’d like, turn off the blender and dump the bubble foam in the sensory bin.


TIP: If you want to use multiple colors, you may need to dump out some of the bubble foam in the sink to fit all the colors in your bin.



In this video, you can see that I added my bubble foam sensory bins into our bathtub! This made this activity easy to clean up! I’ll talk more about this in just a bit.


Step 3: Add toys and PLAY!


This is an optional idea to do with bubble foam, but it makes playing with it more fun! Adding toys in also turned this activity into an hour’s worth of play in the tub.


We added in measuring cups, ocean animals, and even a few dinosaurs because well my son loves them and they had to be included!


bubble foam sensory play


A quick note about food coloring


Don’t worry about the food coloring getting on your little one’s hands! Bubble foam doesn’t stain their hands!


I get this question a lot when I use food coloring in my activities. In this specific activity, you don’t have to be worried that your little one’s hands will be the colors of the rainbow 🌈.


D. Tips when playing with bubble foam


Tip 1: Take it into the bathtub!


My son was so excited to get his bathing suit on and play in the tub. We don’t normally head to the bathtub unless we are getting a bath, so he loved this change.


Plus… it makes for a MUCH easier clean-up. You can see he even helped clean up the bins in this photo!



If you don’t want to take the bubble foam in the tub, I would take it outside. This could be a fun outdoor activity for kids on a hot summer day!


Tip 2: Add in some learning to bubble foam!


We made bubble foam on a different day and added in some letters to practice the alphabet! What a fun and exciting way to practice letters.


alphabet bubble foam


I love adding in some learning to sensory play. The kids always seem more excited to practice when they are playing! It makes it seem like they aren’t even learning ( it’s fun to find ways to sneak it in).


Here are some great letters to use in bubble foam!


alphabet letters

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These letters are wonderful to use in sensory play or alphabet learning activities! There are many ways they can be used to play and learn! Check out this alphabet article for more easy ideas on how to incorporate learning into play.


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Tip 3: Seasonal/Holiday Bubble Foam


Create different colored bubble foam depending on the season or holiday you are celebrating!


In the picture below, you will see that we made some Halloween-themed “witch’s brew” bubble foam.


halloween bubble foam


We love holiday activities around here! Bubble foam can be made for each holiday by using the colors associated with the holiday and adding in some fun toys.


If you LOVE bubble foam, you’ll love checking out my other sensory articles for MORE fun and easy sensory play.


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E. Video of Process


Want to see a quick video on the entire bubble foam making process at our house? Check it out below!



The whole process to make rainbow bubble foam took me about 10 minutes.

The longest part was cleaning the blender out after every color. But, he ended up playing in the tub with bubble foam and his toys for an hour, so 10 minutes didn’t seem so bad!


F. Links


Interested in any of the items that I listed in this article? Here are the links to help you to make bubble foam at your house or for your classroom.


1. Food Coloring

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2. Sensory Bin


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3. Ocean Animals


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4. Measuring Cups


measuring cups

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If you want links to anything else that you saw in my article, please don’t hesitate to ask. Just add a comment at the bottom of my article.


Final Thoughts and Conclusion


Creating bubble foam is easy, fun, and a great sensory activity for your kids!


I would love to know if you end up using my recipe for bubble foam and if your kids enjoyed it! Comment below and let me know how your experience went with bubble foam.


Happy Playing!


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