How to Make Cloud Dough

Learn how to make cloud dough in minutes with just 3 simple ingredients you have right at home!

Cloud dough is soft, moldable, and fun to play with! Your kids are going to love making it.

Let’s get started with the steps on how to make cloud dough.

Cloud Dough Ingredients

I love it when you have an instant activity at home to do with your kids!

Sometimes you just need that extra time to drink your coffee in the morning, so having something simple to make in just a few minutes is a win!

To make cloud dough you need

You can use any lotion or conditioner. I like to use unscented lotion- I don’t love some of the smells of some lotions so we opted for the Suave brand at Dollar Tree.

Cloud Dough Recipe

Here are the simple steps on how to make cloud dough!

#1: Add 1/2 cup of lotion or conditioner in a medium sized/large bowl.

#2: Then, add in your choice of food coloring! We made all the colors of the rainbow which was fun!

#3: Add in 1 cup of cornstarch and mix together

You’ll start seeing the dough form when you mix it together with the spoon.

#4: Start kneading the dough with your hands just for a few seconds

If your dough seems too sticky, add dab a little cornstarch on it until it doesn’t feel that way anymore. Also, if your dough seems too hard, you can add just a little lotion back onto it to make it feel more like dough.

I had to do this a few times to get the right consistency that I was looking for! It was fun to experiment with. The kids had fun feeling the dough at different stages too.

Cloud Dough Storage

Use your cloud dough again and again! Store your dough using plastic wrap and place it into an air tight container.

Your cloud dough will stay good for months if you keep it stored correctly!

If you feel like it ever is drying out, you can always add a little more lotion on it to keep it the consistency that you want!

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Making cloud dough is fun and simple! It’s a great recipe to keep in your back pocket when you are looking for something fun and simple to do with the kids.

Have fun making your cloud dough!


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