The 23 BEST Bath Toys for Kids(2024)

Looking for bath toys for kids?

I have a list of my favorite bath toys that are fun for toddlers to play in the bath! I also have some storage options in this article too.

Let’s get started with the best bath toys for kids!

#1: Spin and Sort Spout

My kids have loved this bath toy so much throughout the years. They want to stay in the bath just so they can keep playing with it.

Special features of this bath toy

A. It has 10 different water activities that the kids can explore and play with.

B. The spout attaches easily to the bathtub and takes water from the bathtub, so you aren’t wasting water.

C. This is actually a STEM toy for kids because they are constructing and sorting. They also explore cause and effect.

D. It comes with 3 bath cups that work with the spout to make the different water effects for spraying, straining, and floating.

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#2: Suction Bath Toys

This will be one of your child’s new favorite toys. The best thing about these suction toys is that they are not just bath toys!

They can be used around the house on windows too! Your kids will love exploring these suction toys.

Special features of this bath toy

A. This is an excellent open-ended toy that kids can build, connect and create new things every time they play!

B. These suction toys help build fine motor skills and builds problem-solving skills.

C. These can stick on any no porous surface; even take them on a plane or in the car! It’s a great travel toy, and it stores easily in the container.

D. This is also a great sensory toy for kids with the popping sound it makes. This toy is for ages 3+.

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#3: Bath Crayons & Drops

There is just something special about turning the bath water a different color. Kids just can’t get enough of it.

This is the best bath set around because it comes with bath crayons and color drops.

Special features of this bath toy

A. This bath crayon and color drop is made with natural and food-grade ingredients, so there are no harmful chemicals.

B. The crayons are jumbo-sized, so they are easy for the kids to hold. They are made out of beeswax and soy.

C. The crayon marks are easy to wash off with a warm cloth after the kids create. My kids even love cleaning it up themselves!

D. There are 36 bath drops that come in this set. They can be mixed together to form a different color too! What a fun way to learn.

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#4: Bath Blocks

Now if I had to choose my favorite bath toy, it would be this one! I think it’s so fun that the kids can take these foam blocks into the bath to build.

This set is the best because it even comes with a ball so you can make your own marble run in the water!

Special features of this bath toy

A. Kids can create and build different things each time they play in the bath! Use the yellow square foam block to balance the other blocks.

B. See if your kids can make the ball run work each time that they build!

C. You can also stick these blocks on the walls of the bathtub.

D. We actually have used them with shaving cream, too, and stuck them together for a different sensory activity!

E. They are mildew and bacteria-resistant blocks! These blocks are for ages 3+.

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#5: Bath Science Lab

This is one of our latest bath toys that we just bought, and the kids are LOVING it.

This bath toy is great for older kids! This can even be taken in the shower if your child likes to take showers instead of a bath.

Special features of this bath toy

A. Depending on the water temperature, this bath toy will change colors! It’s so fun for the kids to see the colors change when they add water.

B. This bath toy will have your child feel like they are a scientist with the tubes, beakers, and pipes! They can move these around to try new ways to play.

C. Practice pouring and scooping skills with smaller children!

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#6: Foam Letters

Here’s a classic bath toy that is great for toddlers and preschoolers! Bringing these foam letters and numbers into the bath will make learning fun.

We have had these foam letters and numbers for years! We still love them.

Special features of this bath toy

A. Comes with 26 letters (A-Z) and 10 numbers (0-9) that stick on the walls of the tub when they are wet.

B. Stick a group of 3-4 letters on the bathtub wall and practice finding a specific letter or number.

C. Older kids can practice building the letters of their names or other words.

D. Made out of non-toxic, soft foam.

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#7: Let’s Fish Game

Here’s a fun game to play with the kids while they are in the bath! This is such a fun bath toy that the whole family will love.

This game can also be played in the pool in the summertime.

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Special features of this bath toy

A. Drop all the fish into the water and give your child the fishing net! Call out a color or a specific number of fish to catch.

B. Inside the package, you’ll get 16 fish, 2 nets, 1 net storage bag, and a learning guide.

C. This is for ages 3-6 years old! What a fun way for kids to learn!

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#8: Bath Basketball Hoop

This is such a fun bath toy for kids to practice their basketball skills!

Both of my kids love basketball, and this has been a fun toy for them to practice with.

Special features of this bath toy

A. This bath toy comes with 4 small basketballs that don’t have holes in them, so they won’t mold!

B. It comes with 1 basketball hoop, two suction cups, 1 mesh bag, and an air pump for the balls.

C. Practice shooting and aiming skills with your child! They can even use this when they aren’t in the bathtub!

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#9: Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Your kids will love this bath toy. Bath bombs are a huge hit over here.

These have an added surprise inside, which will make your kids even MORE excited to use them.

Special features of this bath toy

A. This bath bomb set comes with 9 colorful eggs that have a surprise dinosaur in each one!

B. These bath bombs are made from organic shea butter and essential oils; they are safe for children to use in the bathtub.

C. This bath toy will fizz and change the color of the bath! Kids will love watching the dinosaur appear out of the egg. This makes for the perfect gift!

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#10: Suction Fidget Spinners

Here’s the perfect bath toy for a baby or toddler! They will love this fun fidget spinner suction toy!

These suction toys can be used on most surfaces. Use on the window, refrigerator, high chair, car window, or even on an airplane window.

Special features of this bath toy

A. These fidget spinners stick to most surfaces which makes it a perfect bath toy or just a regular toy to take around!

B. This is a great toy to build hand-eye coordination and also fine motor skills.

C. It’s great for sensory for babies and toddlers! This toy will keep your kids entertained!

#11: Bath Fingerpaint

I love finger paint in the bathtub because it’s super easy to clean up!

We do a lot of arts and crafts around here, so it’s fun for the kids to switch it up and use these in the bathtub instead of on paper.

Special features of this bath toy

A. This set of fingerpaint comes in 5 different colors!

B. It removes easily with soap and water in the bathtub.

C. It’s a gel-type fingerpaint that kids can use to create fun pictures in the bath.

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#12: Bubble Machine Bath Toy

This is the cutest bath toy around! Your kids are going to love having their own bubble machine in the bathtub.

It sings too! This is a great bath toy for toddlers.

Special features of this bath toy

A. It’s easy to put together and has three sections to stick onto the bathtub wall. It does require batteries.

B. It can make over 1,000 bubbles a minute!

C. Fill the compartment with soapy water, click the button, and the kids can listen to songs, and the bubbles will stop.

D. If you click the button again, the music will stop, and it will just be bubbles.

#13: Shark Bath Toy

This is such a cute bath toy and pool toy for the kids to use. My son loves sharks, so I knew he would really love this toy.

Kids will love catching the fish in the shark’s mouth during bath time.

Special features of this bath toy

A. The kids will press the lever on the shark’s handle to make the shark’s mouth open to catch the fish!

B. Comes with the shark and four fish! We even played with other toys too, not just the fish for the shark to eat in the bath.

C. Take this in the swimming pool and play!

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#14: Tea Set

My daughter loved bringing this tea set into the bath when she was little. She loved to pretend that we were drinking tea.

This bath toy provided hours of entertainment over the years!

Special features of this bath toy

A. This is an 18-piece tea set! It comes with a teapot, creamer container, sugar cup with lid, 5 tea cups, 5 dishes, and 5 spoons.

B. This really isn’t meant to be a bath toy but can be brought in the bath for fun! Make sure to dry off after bath time to keep the toy clean.

C. This is a great way for kids to work on pouring skills!

#15: Magnet Fishing Toy

This is a simple bath toy that is a lot of fun for toddlers and kids!

My kids are constantly entertained by magnets. They love catching the animals with the fishing pole.

Special features of this bath toy

A. This magnet toy actually works. There are other plastic fishing toys out there that give you a cheap hook that doesn’t catch the toys, this one works!

B. This is great for kids to learn hand-eye coordination skills.

C. It comes with two animal toys and a fishing rod.

D. Wind up the toys so they can move in the bathtub, and the kids will try to get them with the fishing pole. They will reel the toy up like they are really fishing!

#16: Color-Changing Sea Animals

I can’t even tell you how many times we have played with our animal toys over the years. My kids are 5 and 8, and they play with them all the time.

These are so much fun because they color change! It makes for such a fun bath toy for kids.

Special features of this bath toy

A. There are 12 animals that come in the pack. They are soft and stretchy to feel, but they are also durable.

B. When the water temperature is warm, the animals will start to change color. When the temperature gets cooler, they will return to their original color.

C. They can be played with in the bath, pool, or use them for play around the house!

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#17: Bath Whale Spout Cover

This isn’t really a bath toy, but a must-have bath accessory.

I can’t tell you how many times this whale bath spout cover saved the day from my kids hitting their heads on the spout.

Special features of this bath toy

A. It can be adjusted to fit most spouts of bathtubs.

B. This is a dishwasher-safe toy; it is mold/mildew resistant as well.

C. After bathtime, hang it up on the towel rack to dry.

#18: Ferry Boat Toy

Every child needs a cute boat bath toy to play with in the tub!

This is a great choice because there are a lot of fun ways to play with this boat.

Special features of this bath toy

A. This set comes with a ferry boat and two cars.

B. This is a dishwasher-safe toy!

C. It can be played with in the bath, pool, or in the water table for some fun playtime activity.

D. The ferry boat has a section that opens up to let the cars roll into it! You can also add some other fun bath toys inside the boat for more imaginative play.

#19: Glo Pals Light Up Toys

Don’t want to use bath bombs to change the color of the bath? Try these fun light up bath toys!

How fun is this? These little cubes light up the water! Your kids will love playing in the water with these.

Special features of this bath toy

A. These are water-activated light-up cubes that automatically light up when they touch the water. They turn off when they are completely dry.

B. They do require batteries. Each of them last about 30 days until you need new batteries.

C. It comes with a cube named Pippa that has flexible arms and 6 green light-up cubes. Other colors are available as well.

D. Add these to the bathtub, sensory table, or water table. Turn off the lights and see them glow for even more fun!

#20: Bath Caddy Storage

Now that I showed you some awesome bath toys, you need a place where to store them all!

We have this bath caddy in our bathtub. This has worked great for us. It holds a lot of bath toys and just rests on the side of the tub.

Special features of this bath toy

A. It has three compartments for storage. Two smaller compartments and one large compartment in the middle.

B. It free stands, so you don’t suction it down or anything, which makes it easy to move around for the kids to use.

C. Since there are a bunch of holes in the container, it helps prevent molding.

#21: Mesh Storage Holder

Do you need a bath storage container that hangs up? This is a great option for some of the kids bath toys.

It doesn’t hold as much as the storage unit above, but it can be a good place to hold shampoo, body wash, and some small toys.

Special features of this bath toy

A. There are three pockets at the top of the container and one large pocket for all the toys.

B. There are also hooks on either side of their storage container to hang any wash clothes or loofas.

C. There is a large zipper at the bottom of the toy area for the toys to drop down if you want your kids to have access to them.

D. It hooks onto the bath wall with two suction hooks.

#22: Bath Toy Storage Basket

Don’t have a ton of room in your bathtub to be able to have a storage unit for your bath toys? Add this storage container to your bathroom wall.

This is a great option with a lot of storage space for all your bath toys when you aren’t using them.

Special features of this bath toy

A. These can be used in your bath or shower area as well as outside! They can be individual or hook them all together, as you see above.

B. They are easy to clean and have holes at the bottom of them to prevent molding.

C. It comes with three storage baskets, 6 sticky hooks, 6 earbud decorations, 6 eye decorations, 6 snap fittings, and 6 plastic hooks. They are robot themed!

#23: Mesh Corner Storage Basket

Here’s my last storage idea for bath toys! I like this one because it’s in the corner of the tub and provides easy access for the kids to grab their toys.

Special features of this bath toy

A. This mesh storage bath toy container comes with three suction cups and three hooks.

B. It is machine washable if you want to wash it.

C. I read the reviews for this one, and it seems to hold a bunch of bath toys!

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

There are tons of bath toys out there, and trying to pick the right toy can be challenging because you want your child to like the toy and be able to use it for years to come.

I hope you were able to find some great bath toys and bath toy storage ideas in my article.

I would love to hear about any bath toy that your child loves!

Happy playing!


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